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Pelosi-Milley Phone Call about Trump is Target of Lawsuit



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A phonecall between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and US Army General Mark Milley has now come to the center of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit.

In January, Pelosi and Milley spoke on the phone. In it, the House speaker raised concerns regarding an “unhinged” former President Donald Trump.

Judicial Watch has announced that it is pursuing legal action this week. It stated that this phone call puts in place a “dangerous precedent” that may affect the presidencies in the future.

According to the watch group, it filed a request for information on Jan. 11 in connection to the Jan. 8 phone call. However, the group stated it did not receive any response from the Defense Department.

Pelosi Described Call With Milley in a Letter

After having the phone call, which took place two days after the Capitol siege, Pelosi laid out the purpose of the conversation by writing a letter to her Democratic colleagues.

In the letter, she mentioned talking to Milley to discuss what precautions they can do to prevent “an unstable president” from potentially starting military hostilities or from accessing missile launch codes and giving an order for a nuclear strike.

She also mentioned that the situation surrounding Trump is dangerous. Pelosi reiterated that they should do everything they can to make sure the American people are protected from Trump’s “unbalanced assault” on the country and their democracy.

Pelosi also took note of the “growing momentum” regarding the 25th Amendment. The said amendment would have let former Vice President Pence, along with the members of the previous cabinet, remove Trump from office. She mentioned that they called with Pence regarding the matter. Pelosi added that they had hoped the former Vice President would reply with a positive answer.

Judicial Watch Lawsuit Aims to Find Out the Truth

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton released a statement, saying that the House speaker’s description of the call is accurate. However, he says this “sets a dangerous precedent” that may possibly undermine the role of the U.S. president as the commander in chief. It also possibly undermines the separation of powers, according to Fitton.

He added that the goal of their lawsuit is to find out the truth surrounding the call between Pelosi and Milley.

As per the watchdog group, the lawsuit is asking to be granted access to “any and all records” connected to the said phone call, along with those connected to Pelosi and Milley’s communication from Nov.1, 2020, to the present.

It remains to be known whether the former president was denied access to the missile launch codes. However, on Jan. 13, the House of Representatives impeached the former president for a second time. They charged Trump with “inciting an insurrection,” in connection to the riot that happened a week prior.

Although, the Senate’s impeachment court acquitted the former president on Feb. 13.

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1 Comment

  • JJ Johnson says:

    Pelosi must be removed…either the easy way, or the hard quick way!

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