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SHOP: Phone Case that Protects You from Cellphone Radiation



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Sustainability brand, Pela, makes everyday products without everyday waste. They are most notably known for their 100% compostable phone cases that are durable and last for the duration of your phone’s life, but will completely break down when put in a composting environment. They are making big waves disrupting the plastic industry, even catching the attention of JAY-Z’s venture capital firm, Marcy Venture Partners. Recently, the company expanded its scope to tackle another monumental issue we face today, cell phone radiation.

Pela’s new product, Ethos, is equipped with Penumbra Brands’ patented alara technology™ to reduce user exposure to cell phone radiation up to 80 percent or more while maintaining the phone’s signal quality. Ethos is embedded with custom-designed, micro-thin alara antennas that automatically pair with your phone to dramatically reduce exposure to cell phone radiofrequency (RF) radiation. Instead of shielding or blocking RF, Ethos antennas are engineered to resonate at the cell phone’s specific RF, attracting the phone signal toward the Ethos antenna and redirecting it away from the user. This makes it possible to provide protection while keeping a strong signal. Ethos comes as a recyclable insert that goes directly inside your Pela case and is currently available for iPhone 11, 11Pro, XR and 8.

Other radiation-reducing products use rudimentary shielding materials that block antenna signals, causing the phone to transmit at a higher power to compensate for the lost signal. Not only does this counteract the benefits of the shield, but it also drains the phone’s battery.

“There is a lot of noise out there about our devices and radiation,” said Pela CEO, Matt Bertulli. “The devices we use everyday release low levels of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) that can pose potentially serious problems to our health. The industry at large has not done enough testing to give us confidence that there is no risk. We all worry about protecting our phones, so why wouldn’t you do what you can to also protect your health?”

When a person holds their cell phone up to their ear without Ethos, their head is in the most intense region of the EMF field. According to the US National Toxicological Program, there is evidence that exposure to EMF is carcinogenic, and in a recent article by Healthline, it is noted that the average person spends 3 hours and 10 minutes per day on their cell phone.

A national survey completed for CBC Marketplace in 2017 found 81 percent of Canadians were uninformed of the mandatory manufacturer warnings to keep cell phones 5-15 mm away from their bodies to help reduce exposure to radiation. This same survey found more than half of Canadian cell phone owners “often or always” carry their device against their body. 75 percent said they would stop carrying it against their body if they were aware of the risk.

“With Ethos powered by alara, you can protect yourself from cell phone radiation in a sustainable way,” said Gentry Jensen, CEO of Gadget Guard’s parent company Penumbra Brands. “Ethos provides an effective way to protect your health while protecting the earth.”

Penumbra Brands’ alara technology™ that Ethos uses has been independently tested by RF Exposure Lab, an accredited cell phone test laboratory. In those tests, the case with alara technology reduced radiation by as much as 80 percent in situations simulating normal use. When using Ethos powered by alara, cell phone users can feel less worry knowing they are better protected against harmful radiation.

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