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Which President Do Terrorists Like Best?



  • Mohammed A. Malik, the man who informed the FBI of Omar Mateen's radical Islam tendencies recently wrote an article for the Washington Post.
  • He said that the two of them would frequently talk.
  • In one of their conversations, Mateen talked about his interest in the Islamic State, which led to Malik reporting him.
  • Another conversation led to Mateen's favorable views of Hillary Clinton.

Mohammed A. Malik recently wrote an article for the Washington Post that stated that he and Omar Mateen, the shooter of the Orlando Massacre, would talk every now and then.

He did not mention the connection, or how it was that they came to talk, but he did talk about their discussions.

At one point Mateen mentioned that he was looking into radical Islam, and had been watching videos of it on the internet. This is what caused Malik to inform the FBI. The FBI started a probe on Mateen which was quickly dropped and never brought up again.

In a conversation that they had over dinner in January, Malik said that the conversation turned political.

“We talked about the presidential election and debated our views of the candidates that were running – he liked Hillary Clinton and I liked Bernie Sanders,” Malik recalled.

So there it is. The presidential candidate that radical Islamic terrorists seem to side with is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

It wasn't said if Mateen had planned to vote for her or if he had already, but it was clear that she was his favorite.

Malik said that they continued to talk. Their final chat was in the middle of May, he didn't say what the rest of their conversations were about. He also did not clarify why their conversations had ended.

Either way, I'm sure it makes Hillary feel good to know that she has such loyal supporters.

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  • Brian says:


  • Beau says:

    Of course it is Hillary Clinton!! She is a copy cat of Obama when it comes to Radical Islamists! They love being able to kill Americans and getting away with it! Ans as long as Hillary is in the office of president they will continue to kill many Americans!

  • Mark Hawaii says:

    The reason they like Hillary because she is weak. It is that simple! They could run all over the USA.

  • Rick Picka says:

    Hillary Clinton is just a female version of Barack Obama! If you vote for her we’ll just continue a downward spiral of America! If she wins the presidentcy there will be no change in this country, just a different face in the White House.

  • Face it people, the democrats tries to cover up for terrorist, like the one in the white house and hillary who wants to replace him.

  • Bob Loblaw says:

    To the echo chamber posters here, in what part of objective reality do you actually participate?
    It’s like a cult here, this idea that the POTUS is some sort of Islamic mole who is going to have the Moors overrun America the way they did in Europe and establish a caliphate,
    This idea is beyond absurd, a movie script on the plot wouldn’t have a chance at moving anywhere.
    The shrill tone to these posts here demonstrates nearly unhinged personalities, it’s like everyone wants to show devotion to the idea better than a previous post. This is terrifying to see how close alleged patriots are to losing it for their group-think doom and gloom.

  • Donl says:

    Hillary, hands down, she IS a continuation of Obie. If she is elected Obie will “guide” her through her first term. Together the two of them WILL bring this country down. UNLESS……………………………

  • Robert Lamm says:

    I agree because the liberals are attempting to disarm America. If the liberals get it their way we will be left with pea shooters rather than decent defense weapons. Also the liberal policies continue to weaken our economy and puts us further in debt to the rest of the world. The liberal policies of the last 8 years had devastated the moral fabric of our country and has once again ignited race issues that had been resolved.

  • Millard Huff says:

    Liberals just love there sorry ass muslims.

  • Larry Rhodes says:


  • catherine says:

    she is a socialist, muslim sympathizer, has marxist views is a liar and a corrupt power hungry politician.

  • Curt says:

    Clinton is part of the Obama Islamic regime and will not do anything to disrupt ISIS in their attack on America. She helped in Benghazi and has done nothing but attack law abiding US citizens. She is also complicit in the disrespect of women and seems to support Sharia Law!

  • Susan Dix says:

    WE all know who and what she is. She would not be safe if the Islamic Terrorists get ahold of her.
    She wants to import more and more muslim scum buckets! She will soon realize that they will go
    after her first to teach her what happens to women infidels. Then it will be too late for her and the
    rest of the Washington crowd who did not stop this invasion.

  • Jim says:

    Clinton would be an extension of Obama’s extremist policies. Might be even worse!

  • karen kissel says:

    Because you lay down with dogs – you get fleas and Horrible Hillary IS A TERRORIST!!!

  • Steve says:

    They fund her

  • marie says:

    i was born free?u

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