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8 Reasons to Serve in the Military



8 reasons to serve in the military

Being in the United States military is a choice that’s honored by many Americans. Every has a story for why they joined the military and the military and society rewards their service in a lot of ways.

Is the Military for You?

To make this decision, you will need to dig deep into what you want from your life and what joining the military would do to those plans. Not everyone has a calling to join the military, and that’s okay. Everyone has their purpose in the world and even if being in the military isn’t it, then it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

However, if you do feel a tug from inside you telling you to enlist, you will need to decide which branch of the military is best for you. There are five branches of the U.S. military:

• Army
• Navy
• Marines
• Air Force
• Coast Guard

Each of the five branches has their own requirements for joining and physical expectations of soldiers. Look on their websites to determine which branches best match you and your goals for your military career.
If you are on the fence about joining or are not sure how the military can profit you, here is a list of benefits to joining the military.

1. Tuition reimbursement

The military does offer financial assistance with college. You can take college courses online while you are in the armed forces or after you complete your term, but they will offer at least partial tuition reimbursement for classes for their soldiers and veterans.

2. Honor and pride

There is a sense of honor and pride in making the choice to serve your country and protecting your loved ones that is not paralleled by any other profession. Becoming a part of the military means being someone that will give their life for the American people and nothing else could match that sense of honor and humility that comes with the position.

3. Help you develop skills

The military isn’t consisted of all boots on the ground soldiers. There are officers, those that recruit, and those that are trained in specific areas. The military teaches its soldiers in specializations, but it also teaches discipline, weapons, and physical and mental skills needed to be a successful part of the military.

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4. Travel

Once you enlist and after your training is complete, you will be assigned to a base. This base is very rarely close to where you lived, so you get the chance to see other parts of the country and sometimes the world when you normally may not have had the chance to do so.

5. Great benefits

The military treats its soldiers well by offering great housing, healthcare, and incentive pay throughout anyone’s time in service. Many people take advantage of the discounts and loans that become available to them as a solider or veteran as well.

6. Understand the intensity of wartime

Many people can hear about war and can trivialize it by making jokes or comments about something very serious. A soldier understands the intensity of being deployed or sent to the front lines and that sort of maturity benefits anyone.

7. Stay physically fit with yearly physical exams

The military requires a certain physicality that must be maintained in order to properly protect and serve our nation. Yearly physical tests keep every solider in great physical condition and you might be amazed how much easier they become after all the proper training.

8. Be a part of something big

Everyone wants to feel like they are a part of something and want to matter, and the military offers the perfect place for that. The military has arguably one of the most important jobs in our country, which is to guard our nation from those who would threaten it. Being a part of the military gives purpose and meaning to anyone’s existence.

It’s Your Decision

Joining the military should not be taken lightly. There will be a lot expected of anyone who enlists and though the benefits may be great, the tolls of being in the military may not work for some people. The decision has to yours and yours alone, so take time to think about the decision and only make your choice if you feel in your gut that the military is for you.

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