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Republican National Convention Day 2 Recap



Republican National Convention

Day two of the Republican National Convention is over and what a day it was. The events ran the gambit from Paul Ryan and Chris Christie to the children of Donald Trump himself. None of that even comes close to what kicked off the day, Donald Trump getting the official nomination.

Donald Trump Is Officially Your Candidate

At times it seemed like we would never see the day. Too many obstacles stood in the way of Donald Trump and they all seemed hellbent on keeping the man from taking the nomination, but here we are. As crowned tonight, Donald Trump is your official Republican candidate for president.

After fighting so hard to get to where he is, he now only has one opponent left. Can he do what so many thought impossible over a year ago and actually win the White House?

All I know is that after watching his rise in popularity, I for one would not bet against him.

Old Enemies Become Friends

Chris Christie started out as a bitter rival of Donald Trump in the race for the presidency. When he failed to win the nomination he supported Trump with hopes of becoming his vice president pick. When Trump selected Pence Christie stayed loyal, working to be his attorney general.

In a strange audition for the role, Chris Christie staged a mock trial of Hillary Clinton. The crowd mostly ate it up though and chanted “lock her up” as he went.

Hopefully, it proves to be a warm-up for when he and Trump take office.

Ben Carson also spoke and was on point with a message of unity.

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“You have to fight fire with fire, and I actually believe that’s the reason that Donald Trump is our nominee. We need somebody who can throw flames just the way they can throw them,” Carson told the crowd.

The Party Rallies Behind Him

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell walked onstage to a mixture of boos and applause. However, he didn't let it deter from his message of unity and the importance of uniting against Hillary Clinton.

“Why in the world would Democrats put forward such a candidate?” A question no doubt on everyone's mind.

House Speaker Paul Ryan also called for unity in the party and reminded Republicans that they “have made our choice,” and “Let the other party go on and on with its constant dividing up of people.”

Family Is Everything

Trump's youngest daughter Tiffany, 22, has rarely taken the spotlight during this campaign. However, she spoke well and manage to inject a level of energy and enthusiasm that the conventual sorely needed.

“Donald Trump has never done anything halfway, least of all as a parent,” Tiffany said of her father.

It was a heartfelt speech that spoke volumes of the man.

Finally, Donald Trump Jr. took the stage and pick up where his sister Tiffany left off. He lit a fire under the crowd that the convention needed, that his father Donald Trump needed.

He wasted no time calling out the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and insisted that if she were elected she would repeat Bengahzi, “Secretary Clinton's state department ignored their request for help on the night in question and in the weeks and months leading up to the attack,” he said. “It was a tragedy and one that would be repeated should she when the election. Who will take that call our 3:00 in the morning?”

Overall, Donald Trump can be proud of his children and you can see in the way they talk about their father that they are proud of him.


This brings us to the end of day 2 at the RNC. Once again let us kow what we missed or jsut what your favorite part of the day was. Look for tomrrow's and don't miss a thing.

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