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Restaurant Gets 15 Min Of Fame After Booting Sanders…



Virginia is for lovers of political correctness, as we learned this weekend when White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was thrown out of The Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia, on Friday night. The restaurant’s owner sanctimoniously declared the establishment has to uphold “certain standards.”

Evidently, she means the standard of resisting President Trump, by refusing to serve steak or french fries, or a hen that’s red – or whatever it is that they serve – to an employee of the man they loathe because they’re “tolerant,” or something like that.

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This political correctness is quickly approaching dangerous and irrational levels the likes of which we’ve never witnessed before. In the age of social media, anyone can seize an opportunity to publicly take a stand against President Trump, and know that it could easily become national news and give them their 15 minutes of fame in the process.

The staff at The Red Hen knew if they asked Sanders to leave they’d get national news coverage. Shortly afterward employees were lighting up Twitter with tales of how their boss gave Sarah the boot, on moral grounds of course.

This quest for media attention is becoming all too common, and as it does, we continue to see people cross the line in potentially dangerous ways.


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  • Randy Lee says:

    Whatever happened to the term ” ensighting a riot?” I think Waters should be in the Happy Valley Retirement Home for delusional politician’s.

  • TANNA Davis says:

    Maxine Walters is a crazy person. She only wants the spotlight. She even ruined her friends Christian Funeral by using his Eulogy as a screaming platform against Trump. She incites riots and violence. Where is her responsibility towards the public safety and the laws that protect us. Where was she during the Clinton, Bush (The RINOs), and the Obama Era when all these illegal alien laws and policies were started? Where were he cries of injustice and demands then. Now that Trump is trying to clean up the mess she blames him for the problem. THAT IS TOTALLY UNJUST. She needs to be committed to either an asylum or a prison RIGHT NOW!!!!

  • Michael Henderson says:

    Could not agree more about ‘Mad Max’. Her cheese has slipped far south of her cracker . . .

  • Chester Bahn says:

    Maxine Waters should be thrown out of Congress. She should be thrown out by members of the Democratic party. This is impossible because the Democratic party is of the same mind set since losing the 2016 presidential election. Since losing was inevitable because they allowed Hillary to take over the election process by the same evil mindedness as shown by Maxine, Pelosi and Schumer. They have lost their way because they no longer can function without spewing hatred for those across the isle. They cannot allow the American people to win because they are not going to give an inch so we can all win. They have forgotten why they are in Congress. The only answer is to fire them all after all to show them who they are to serve, by all I mean democrat, independent, libertarian, and republican. What we have right now is chaos. America and it’s citizens first.

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