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Rubio Protester Is About To Have A Bad Day




Rubio was heckled at a town hall meeting in Dallas by a protester who shouted “Marco Rubio is owned by Jews! Jews! And Free Masons!”  How the crowd reacts is perfect. What would you do if someone publicly heckled your favorite candidate? Love him or hate him, you have got to watch this video.

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  • James says:

    He isn’t deing payed off by others money

  • Ralph says:

    I don’t believe Rubio is qualified to be a president. He didn’t even do the job he was voted and elected to be a Senator form his state. I don’t know much about his birth but Obama wasn’t born in the USA and he was still allowed to run for the Presidency. He was born an African and then moved to the USA. Obama is the worst President the USA has ever had. So be that. Micro Rubio does not have the training to be a President of the USA and do the correct job we citizen’s need. I believe Donald Trump would make a valuable President since he has proven he can select the correct people to help manage the USA Government and he has the knowledge to be a President.

    • JS deRagman says:

      Trump is doing exactly the same thing BHO did in 2008…saying a lot but really saying nothing…hope and change…make the country great again. It’s all political rhetoric that is meant to incite the low information and idiot savants among us. Rubio is a politician, they are all, by definition, politicians. They are obfuscating the truth or flat out lying…you can tell, their mouths are moving.
      BHO is a narcissist and so is Trump…but so may be Rubio and Cruz. I think you have to be pretty self-consumed to even run for the job.
      Rubio is poorly prepared as Trump as is anyone running to be President. The only ones who might have a clue would be those who have been governors, but they are ill prepared as well…that’s how it is to be Commander-in-Chief. The last one qualified to to the job was probably Eisenhower…as Supreme Allied Commander he had experience to be Commander in Chief, but he made mistakes too.
      The only thing the republicans running have going for them is I do not think any of them want to see the USA dismantled and cast aside as do all of the Democrat candidates. That’s who they are now. So any of the Republicans running — including Trump and Rubio — would be so much better than anything the Democrats are running it wouldn’t even be funny. We have to get behind whomever wins the Republican primary…we cannot, our children cannot, our grandchildren cannot afford another Democrat president.

  • Mickey Elkis says:

    While the offending individual has the right to his opinion he doesn’t have the right to invade the space of others wishing to hear the speaker. I think we have taken individual rights to the extreme so there is no responsibility for infringing upon the rights of others. the individual who set the offender down was much to gentle, in my opinion.

  • Mickey says:

    Reading the remarks of JS deRagman I tip my hat to you. Your observations show you have given our current plight much thought, unlike many of our fellow citizens. All of those who aspire to the office of POTUS make glowing promises which any rational person who has any understanding of hw the world turns knows they can make good on. So we are back to business as usual, hopefully we’ll elect the lesser of the evils we are offered. I commend you for your astute observations. A parting thought, I have heard this quoted many times: power tends to corrupt and absolute power totally corrupts.

  • Rubio was not to intelligent Saturday when all He did was run Donald Trump down I was in a conference room with
    about 60 people and we could not believe him when he said he didn’t know what Donald Trump was talking about
    his health plan and Rubio laughed we all knew what he meet by the lines wow what will we ever have in the white house if we get some one like him we all know he will not make the white house and ted is just as bad they sound like 3 year old children but I think the best of children they are honest and don’t run any one down no one in that room will vote for Rubio go Donald go

  • AL LEWIS says:


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