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New Social Media Platform Aims to Combat Conservative Censorship

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Chess | New Social Media Platform Aims to Combat Conservative Censorship | Featured

Safe Space 1776 LLC has announced the launch of a beta version of its social media site, the “Safe Space,” for conservatives frustrated over the censorship taking place on mainstream platforms.

The platform combines features one would find on traditional platforms while introducing game-like features such as a military-themed ranking system and virtual weapons to use on other users.

Criticism from the right that conservative content is being unfairly taken down intensified last month when Facebook announced that it had banned high-profile conservative commentators from using its service. With the Donald Trump White House launching a campaign to collect data on social media bias, censorship promises to be a charged issue leading up to the 2020 presidential election.

“Instead of begging Twitter and Facebook to change, or pretending Reddit isn’t a puppet for the Chinese,” Safe Space CEO Matthew Stein decided we should “find a solution through capitalism. We’ve decided to offer a competing platform where no voices will be unfairly targeted.” Although a big Trump supporter, Stein pledges to handle content from both sides of the spectrum to the same freer standards.

Ironically called the “Safe Space” as a jab at the university practice of cocooning students from views different than their own, users are promoted to higher ranks for demonstrating “cuckslaying” talent by their peers. Each promotion grants users more powerful “cuck weaponry,” with new site users, the “Grunts,” only able to CuckSlap others while Captains and Generals can use the CuckWhip and CuckRifle.

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The leadership at big tech tends to be relatively liberal, and critics argue that their individual political views have influenced their companies’ decisions on what content is considered hate speech and which users are suspended or removed. When asked about Facebook’s decision to ban Milo YiannopoulosAlex Jones and other right-wing commentators from its services, Stein’s response to them is, “We want you!” and hints at talks with an influential figure on the right about a potential partnership opportunity. “While other platforms want to create a cuddly, trigger-free, unicorn habitat, we want users to be themselves. This is about open discourse, savagery and politeness, whether left- or right-leaning, black, purple, or white.”

Those interested can sign up for free at Although the desktop-based platform is mobile-friendly, the company is working on its dedicated mobile app to launch soon.

SOURCE Safe Space 1776 LLC

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