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San Francisco Movie Theaters Remain Closed Due to Ban on Concession Sales

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San Francisco Movie Theaters Remain Closed Due to Ban on Concession Sales

San Francisco movie theaters have been given permission to reopen, however, they will remain closed.

The California chapter of the National Association of Theatre Owners said that cinemas in the Bay Area city “says its members have decided to remain shuttered because of a ban imposed by city officials on concession sales,” as per the Hollywood Reporter. Another concern is a 25-percent limit on seat capacity.

“While NATO of CA/NV and its members are grateful that San Francisco city officials are reopening theaters in the city, their proposed solution makes it economically impossible for our members to reopen and significantly limits the moviegoing experience for our audiences,” the trade group said in a statement.

According to NATO CA/NV, the concession ban in San Francisco movie theaters is inconsistent. After all, indoor restaurants already received the go signal to reopen in the city.

The city has met the “orange tier” guidelines. This means theaters can reopen at 50 percent capacity. Alternatively, they can accommodate up to 200 people per auditorium, according to NATO CA/NV.

“While we respect and thank Mayor Breed for her decision to allow movie theaters to reopen, the restrictions in place present an insurmountable financial challenge for our members to do so and are preventing thousands of workers from returning to work,” said NATO CA/NV Milton Moritz in a statement.

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