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Sandy Hook Lawsuit Is A Political Stunt



Sandy Hook


  • A Connecticut judge said on Thursday that he would allow a lawsuit aginst the makers of the AR-15 used in the Sandy Hook shooting to go to trial.
  • Lawyers representing Bushmaster Firearms International claimed that the suit should be thrown out because of immunity granted to them by a 2005 law.
  • The law shields any and all firearm manufacturers and dealers from liability lawsuits.
  • The case being allowed to go to trial is a pretty clear publicity stunt by the judge and families of the victims that won’t make it past another court. 

A judge in Connecticut on Thursday declined to dismiss a lawsuit brought against the maker of the assault-style rifle used in the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School that left 26 people, most of them children, dead.

Lawyers representing the manufacturer of the AR-15 rifle used by Adam Lanza, the assailant at the Newtown school, argued that the suit should be thrown out because of immunity provided by a 2005 law that shields firearm manufacturers and dealers from liability lawsuits.

But in her ruling, Judge Barbara Bellis of State Superior Court rejected the argument.

The lawsuit, which was filed last year by nine of the families of people killed and a teacher who was injured, claimed that Bushmaster Firearms International bore responsibility for selling and marketing a military-style weapon to untrained civilians, creating an “unreasonably high risk” it would be used in a mass shooting. The lawsuit contended that the weapon’s utility for sporting and self-defense was “negligible in comparison to the risk that the weapon would be used in its assaultive capacity,” according to court records.

“We are thrilled that the gun companies’ motion to dismiss was denied,” said Josh Koskoff, a lawyer representing the families. “The families look forward to continuing their fight in court.”

Lawyers for Bushmaster Firearms could not immediately be reached.

The assailant’s mother, Nancy Lanza, bought the gun in 2010; she was also killed by her son. During the rampage on Dec. 14, 2012, at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Mr. Lanza, 20, killed 20 first-grade students and six adults before killing himself.



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  • rich says:

    The LEFT is at it again,go after the illinformed voter ,who knows more about sports than the law. try this with the auto industry and see how far you get .[drunk drivers].

  • lisa says:

    this was just a ploy so that our WONDERFUL governor could pass anti gun legislation without legislature debate or comments by the public

  • BILL says:


  • Anse says:

    were are the dead kids graves? where were the body bags that day? where were the medical 911 ems trucks that day , none at the School, they sitting a half mile down the road that day. i get so sick of hearing about this HOAX by FEMA and the gun haters and the president.

  • Ted Weikel says:

    Guns don,t kill people, stupid people kill people. If he didn’t use the AR he had there are many other guns just like it on the market he could have used and would have. These people trying to sue the gun manufacture are not very smart or uninformed about guns. If the school would have had armed people in the school, he could have been stopped. That has been suggested a long time ago and the people promoting the suit are probably the ones against armed school personnel.

  • Gerry says:

    Ridiculous misuse of Justice. This judge is just looking for her 15 minutes of press time stupidity .

  • MIchael says:

    If you are going to hold a manufacturer at fault for a death which their product was involved in might as well go after car manufacturers, distillers , Big Pharma, knife and ax makers and the BIGGEST manufacturer ‘GOD'(for creating trees, plants, animals and other things) that have been used to kill people with. If you’re going to hold them accountable like the cigarette companies, the courts will be so busy with these STUPID cases they won’t be able to hear sensible cases. This is a socialist anti-gun/2nd amendment stunt to try and get guns banned. Then, the same incompetent Government who can’t keep track of a few thousand immigrants will ‘TRY’ and take away ‘MILLIONS if NOT BILLIONS’ of guns from people who don’t and won’t give them up. A fork and spoon didn’t make Rosie O fat, they just helped elevate the food to her mouth…..Practically anything can be used as a weapon to kill if you have the training…. Next law suit will be against Nike because a shoe lace or shoe was used to kill someone. That is just plain STUPID!!!

  • Anne says:

    This was a terrible tragedy. No one will deny that. But if we hold gun manufacturers liable for crimes committed with their product, when we will begin holding car manufacturers liable for drunk drivers who kill or maim others while driving their product? Will we require car manufacturers to install breathalyzer locks on all their ignitions? Why are cars built to travel faster than the posted speed limits? Are we removing the word “responsibility” from our lexicon? What about the word “consequences?”

  • Smokewagon says:

    I’m a 25 yr LE officer and know for a fact that that AR was not used. It was in the trunk of his car. It was not found in the school. Total BS. Just another attempt to ban the dreaded Black Rifle.

  • Russell Dillow says:

    It is the courts role to interpret the constitution, not to create a social agenda based on beliefs.

  • robert deckman says:

    another red herring, to disarm the legal gun owners of the country, abolish the 2nd ammendment and to subject the american people to a communist society

  • Charlie Odom says:

    I disagree with the law suit. The gun makers should not be held liable no more that auto makers should be liable if some nut killed some one with his or her vehicle

  • charles ross says:

    just another ploy to take away our guns. That is the bottom line for the liberal do away with all our constitutional rights. With the bitch Hillary Clinton and her asshole buddy Obama.

  • Brian says:

    Well anybody with any sense at all can see that the gun maker is no more responsible than a car maker. Say a man drinks Jim beam and gets Drucker then gets in a ford and hits a family killing 4 people. Is the ford maker and or the Jim beam company responsible? ?? This is the same thing as what Sandy hook is.. common sense peopke!!!

  • Cecil says:

    The evidence doesn’t support the rhetoric. There are too many contradictions and inconsistancies. The so called facts in the reports have changed several times

  • roger says:

    all arms dealers are protected by law this is the lefts insanity to get laws changed that wont work but gives theses people to resew in a civil court for money

  • Cole says:

    On the basis of this suit the spoon, the manufacturer of the spoon and the inventor of the spoon could be sued for the responsibility of making all persons fat. What a concept!
    Really, all weapons of any type have and may still be used by the military. Knives, spears, bows and arrows, linens, and who knows what else. Let’s sue all the manufacturers of any misused things that resulted in the death of anyone. Once the useful idiots fulfill the wishes of their directors and we have minimal means of self protection this country will be as any other tyrannical country.

  • Howard Wolf says:

    Since Sandy Hook type massacres are rare events, the gun control community needs to make reference to it as often as possible in order keep it in the public consciousness. They have an advantage inasmuch as the 2.5 million+ times that American civilians resort to firearms annually in order to defend themselves or their families is ignored by the media. The pending lawsuit works to keep the pot boiling, to keep low information types aware of the Left’s central piece of propaganda sans the rest of the story.

  • KUETSA says:

    This is a leftist progressive socialist complicit court, pushing the agenda that semi-automatic rifles and standard full capacity magazines (The firearms [AR15 type semi-automatic rifles] in citizen possession that enable the capability, as the second amendment intends, to provide our own security and secure our own freedom) are “Too dangerous for citizens to own”, to achieve the progressive socialist democrat parties goal, to EFFECTIVELY repeal the second amendment.
    The second amendment is a RIGHT TO POWER for American citizens, collectively securing our freedom and repelling foreign invasion is foremost in the intent of the second amendment. “Sporting and self defense are a valuable side benefit of our right. Americans are not defenseless “refugees” to be lined up and beheaded or slashed to death by 30 men with machetes running through the neighborhood, as is common enough in other parts of the world. Progressive socialist democrats, as is their global agenda, are reinterpreting the second amendment into an “allowance” of limited low capacity sporting arms, that take all the CAPABILITY that the second amendment intends, insuring that Americans pose NO THREAT TO GOVERNMENT SUBJUGATION OF CITIZENS. This court decision is a part of the struggle to tilt the “BALANCE OF POWER” citizens have through their second amendment right. Global progressive socialism is the greatest enemy we have faced, and they are attacking from within, reinterpreting our rights to be meaningless, AND THE COURTS ARE COMPLICIT!
    The American Second Amendment, is their greatest obstacle, and not a day goes by that they are not taking a piece of it from us, some way, somewhere.

  • Gary says:

    There is a law from 2005 that prevents manufactures from being held liable for the actions of someone who abuses a firearm.

  • mike arnold says:

    the whole thing was a stunt, did anybody see any bodies & nobody wounded, setup.

  • bill ingram jr says:

    for gun controle no mater what happen this wood come about

  • Bsernie Bukoskey says:

    Every time there is a shooting. The AR-15 (so called assault weapon), which is a semi-automatic not a selective fire assault weapon. Even if an AR-15 isn’t used but, a handgun the AR-15 gets the blame. Let’s say an AR-15 is used. Why should Obama blame it and not the dirt bag who doesn’t blame the person who doesn’t value human life. It’s pathetic some guy in Africa shoots a lion and they want his head. Some guy shoots fourteen people and the liberals blame the gun. Ironic or just Obama/UN agenda!

  • Gregory A Foreman says:

    A judge, instead of following the law, decided to placate the voters who probably voted him in, by allowing this b.s. lawsuit to proceed

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