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Saudi Arabia Has Been Our Greatest Enemy All Along



Saudi Arabia is so afraid of what is in the “28 pages” that they are now actively threatening to tank the U.S. economy if the pages are released and legislation is passed that would allow Saudi officials to be found responsible for the 9/11 terror attacks.

That’s because they know, as sure as everyone who has read the report, that they actively helped fund, train, and plan 9/11. Our closest allies in the region have been our worst enemy for decades.

Obama and his administration or predictably shielding Saudi Arabia from any backlash. Obama has roadblocked all attempts to release the “28” pages and will undoubtedly veto any legislation that would hold is Islamic friends responsible.

Now, the truth is that Saudi Arabia does have some real power to tank our economy. They have vowed to sell off nearly a trillion dollars in T-bonds, they probably couldn’t sell them all, but they could still do some real damage. They also have been the main force behind the U.S. dollar being the international currency of Oil and a change to that would be a major hit to our economy.

So exactly like the banks, Saudi Arabia is too big to fail. They are free to take thousands of American lives on U.S. soil and get a free pass. Forever holding us hostage.

Saudi Arabia needs to be held accountable for their actions at all costs. No one should be allowed to kill Americans and then use threats to protect themselves. Make them pay, at all costs.

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