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The Common Law Of Common Law



The A, B, C’s Of Obama’s Administration

The Common Law Of Common Law, see more at:

The Common Law Of Common Law (Image: Community)

In politics, there are a lot of do’s and don’ts (just like any “professional” setting). Some people call it work professionalism while others call it being politically correct. However you want to label it, politics works the same way.

There are simple rules that everyone knows, such as “never point with your finger” because pointing can be offensive, which is why Obama is frequently made fun of for his clenched fist hand gestures. Another rule is to never look at your watch, that one actually cost George H.W. Bush a few times in debates, as well as never to have a five-o’clock shadow. Having a five-o’clock shadow actually hurt Nixon in the first-ever political debate that was aired on television opposite Kennedy.

The Common Law Of Common Law, see more at:

The Common Law Of Common Law (Image: WashingtonPost)

A rule of politics that should be a no-brainer is that you are not above the law as a politician. In fact, as a politician, you should be a role model for following the rules laid down by our government. After all, that is why you have been elected, don’t forget that part – we (the people) put you in that position – to be a leader of the rules.  Barack Obama apparently has not read Presidency For Dummies, because since he has been in office he has broken the law not once, not twice, but an amazing 75 times. (Read all of them here.) I mean it’s wonderful that he has gotten the knack of not pointing with a finger and all, but breaking the law 75 times seems to be a bigger issue.

Let’s look at a list of the laws that Obama has broken in his almost eight years as president.

He sold firearms to the Mexican Cartel

In an operation called Fast And Furious, The Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were accused of ordering one of its agents to purchase firearms, with taxpayer money, and sell them the Mexican drug cartel. (Read more about Fast And Furious here.) That in itself is a political don’t. The aiding of mass murder, gang violence, and drug trafficking is certainly not on the top ways to be a great politician.

He spent tax payers money to relocate illegal immigrants

It was reported by a Texas city official that the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol have been buying illegals bus tickets and sending them to Texas bus terminals where they “ship” them deeper into the country. Don’t believe me? (Check it out here.)


Is a massive supporter of warrantless wiretapping

Follow the rules and regulations laid down by our government to make sure that American citizens have the right to their own privacy? No of course not, why would Obama want to do that? (See here)

Is a big fan of lying and “bending the truth”

Lying is supposed to be one of the don’ts in the political world. Now, has every politician been a saint? Of course not. Yet there are certain lies that you just can’t slide under the rug, especially when they involve the American public. Obama said that when ObamaCare came around people would be allowed to keep their own health insurance, yet when it was passed almost seven million people lost their health insurance. (See here) Then he said that he would not sign a plan that added a dime to our nation’s deficit, yet when ObamaCare came out it was reported that Obamacare alone would add $340 billion to our deficit. (See here)

Is hypocritical

Again another don’t in the political scene. It is no news that Obama has been for gun control, he has said multiple times (specifically in Illinois in 2004) that he doesn’t believe that people should have guns in their homes. Yet in 2013 Obama signed a plan that guaranteed that he and his wife would have armed guards for the rest of their lives.

That is only five examples of the laws that Obama has broken out of the 75 that are claimed. It is fair to say that Obama isn’t very good at the do’s and don’ts of politics. We can’t completely mock him, though, I mean, after all, he did learn to point with his fist.


The Common Law Of Common Law, see more at:

The Common Law Of Common Law (Image: WashingtonPost)

I guess everyone can forget once or twice right? I mean it’s a simple thing to forget. Everyone is asking you all of these tough questions and there are lights on and cameras pointed in your face. Everyone has pointed as the President a few times, right? They made fun of George W. Bush for mispronouncing nuclear for weeks. So we can let this one little mishap slide, right? Just try to be more careful next time, okay Mr. President?

The Common Law Of Common Law, see more at:

The Common Law Of Common Law (Image: WashingtonTimes)

No, no, no, Mr. President. Sorry everyone he gets confused when people don’t write things down for him. He’s under a lot of pressure at the moment, you know with planning trips to Saudi Arabia as well as Cuba.

We will just forget that that ever happened, like most of the things that have gone wrong while you have been in the office.

Anyway, yes there are do’s and don’ts for politics. Some politicians follow the guidelines and others like to be rebels and play by their own rules. Either way, to them it’s just a big competition, right?  Clearly from the way that President Barack Obama follows the rules set down by our government, rules is really just a loose word that really means guidelines and shouldn’t be taken to seriously. If our President of the United States doesn’t why should we?

Next Thursday, don’t forget to come back and read the do’s and don’ts that Hillary has followed (and mostly not followed) when it comes to politics.

This video is sure to lighten your day when it comes to Obama.


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