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Saudi Arabia Has Been Our Greatest Enemy All Along



Saudi Arabia is so afraid of what is in the “28 pages” that they are now actively threatening to tank the U.S. economy if the pages are released and legislation is passed that would allow Saudi officials to be found responsible for the 9/11 terror attacks.

That’s because they know, as sure as everyone who has read the report, that they actively helped fund, train, and plan 9/11. Our closest allies in the region have been our worst enemy for decades.

Obama and his administration or predictably shielding Saudi Arabia from any backlash. Obama has roadblocked all attempts to release the “28” pages and will undoubtedly veto any legislation that would hold is Islamic friends responsible.

Now, the truth is that Saudi Arabia does have some real power to tank our economy. They have vowed to sell off nearly a trillion dollars in T-bonds, they probably couldn’t sell them all, but they could still do some real damage. They also have been the main force behind the U.S. dollar being the international currency of Oil and a change to that would be a major hit to our economy.

So exactly like the banks, Saudi Arabia is too big to fail. They are free to take thousands of American lives on U.S. soil and get a free pass. Forever holding us hostage.

Saudi Arabia needs to be held accountable for their actions at all costs. No one should be allowed to kill Americans and then use threats to protect themselves. Make them pay, at all costs.

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  • DustyFae says:

    They say Israel was the rea l ones that did this and Saudi was prove to have done this.. So l am becoming confused what is real and what is fake, Media are reporting two sides so which are we to believe and why would Obama put Americans lives in such danger ?

  • Joe says:

    Because they are mus-slime and hate our country and our religion!

  • Ed Bailey says:

    Because I think they just have more money than I’ve got good sense they just think they can buy anybody and everybody and so far it’s worked pretty damn good for him with the United States with their head up their ass

  • Pete Ferretti says:

    15 out of 19 had a Saudi connection; Queen sent money to Ben Laden a few weeks before 911; This was announced once on TV, so Bush knew but did not want to give up the gravy train about Saudi oil which all Admin. have gotten to make sure we are dependant on Mid-East oil! They are two-faced double -crossers !

  • Pete Ferretti says:

    15 out of 19 had a Saudi connection; Queen sent money to Ben Laden a few weeks before 911; This was announced once on TV, so Bush knew but did not want to give up the gravy train about Saudi oil which all Admin. have gotten to make sure we are dependant on Mid-East oil! They are two-faced double -crossers !

  • Paul B. says:

    We are the dumbest people in the world! We’ve been buying billions of dollars of oil for decades from them and they stab us in the back! All the 9/11 hy-jackers were from Saudi Arabia and so was Bin Ladin! The Bush family oil cartel has been tied to them for decades! The day after 9/11 when all planes were grounded, president Bush allowed all of them that were here to leave the country! Wasn’t that a red flag! That’s why we Americans are so NAIVE and just plain STUPID!

  • Rich Bacon says:

    The terrorists coming out of there are one thing, the real danger is Saudi funding the building of new mosques everywhere in the west and staffing them with Wahhabi Imams who preach the most evil brand of Islam.

  • James Everheart says:

    Lives are more valuable than our money/economy.

  • George says:

    I’m surprised that this conclusion has been reached this late in the game! They funded Obama and placed him in a strategic position just as they promised years ago!

  • André Deglas says:

    Instead of storming into Iraq we should have go to Saudi Arabia and teach them a lesson, this would really have to slowed down the Muslim invasion throughout the world.
    Saudi Arabia is responsible for all those Mosques being built everywhere and they fund terrorism. They have never be our friends and it way over due that we clobbered them as they deserve to be. We have sufficient oil of our own, let’s stop the petroleum dollars which has allowed them to amass those billions that they are using against the US

  • James Hankins says:

    Information indicates their envolvement. And all the men who flew the planes into the world trade center were Saudies

  • Chuck Frantzen says:

    Why else would Obama be over there being Buddy,Buddy with them.Unless he fits in with them.

  • D.H. Kerr says:

    It is a despotic undemocratic regime.

  • patrick driscoll says:

    It’s how many years since 9/11 and this was discussed right after 9/11. The press as usually was PC on that as it has been on everything since 911 and even worse since obuma.
    The press has no done their job in over 16 years.
    Everyone knows SA was involved in funding and other stuff, so the press just figured it out? Great job! Whatever they are being paid, it is too much!
    Maybe they are not really protecting obuma in the way they report on him, but maybe like all left leaners, THEY ARE THIS F/U!!

  • Dennis Drake says:

    I was always convinced of this at the time when it was divulged 17 out of 18 guys was
    from there,.
    Let Donald Trump get a piece of them!

  • ED BROWNE says:


  • gerald jackson says:

    they are all in sync over there,how could they not be involved but letting others do the dirty work.They funded it most likely.

  • David Munson says:

    If people remember. Bin Laden was from saudi as well. What happened to the Usa should NEVER happen again. I am sick of my country being played for the fools we are in Washington, and it’s time America stood up to these tyrants. I am voting to make America Great Again.

  • Amy Rosenberg says:

    Prince Bandar is the person who helped Barack Hussein Obama get into law school, paid for that law school, and helped his career until this day.

  • lou says:

    looking back they have been involved in everything troublesome in the middle east and the israeli people we should support !!



  • DUKE says:

    It definitely appears that way. Because of their position in OPEC, they have been given too much of a ‘free pass’ all these years and decades. They hate The U. S. of A. and are completely self-serving at all costs and to any and all lengths.

  • Robert Abramson says:

    I was told this by a former radicalized PLO terrorist.

  • T. Floyd Worthy says:

    The Saudi family supports Wahabbism, omuslimne of the most radical of the many muslim sects. This is a worldwide network of mosques which spreadf hate for anything not muslim. The Saudis allegedlly financed 9/11 and continue to muslim murder and mayhem worldwide. America is waking up!

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