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Saudi Embassy Responsible For 9/11



Saudi Embassy Responsible For 9/11, see more at:

Saudi Embassy Responsible For 9/11 (Image: Disclose.TV)

  • 28 pages of classified documents that may link Saudi to the 9/11 attacks are to be potentially released.
  • Every road that evidence took officials down after the 9/11 attacks led back to the Saudi Embassy in Washington.
  • The Saudis are operating a massive counter-intelligence program against us, right here in America.

Investigative journalist and Hoover Institution media fellow Paul Sperry appeared on Breitbart News Daily with host Stephen K. Bannon on Monday morning to talk about the potential release of the “28 Pages” of long-classified documents that may demonstrate Saudi complicity in the 9/11 attacks.

Sperry, author of Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington, published an article in the New York Post this weekend about “how the U.S. covered up the Saudi role in 9/11.”  In that article, Sperry discusses many interviews with intelligence and law-enforcement officers who say “virtually every road” from the 9/11 attacks “led back to the Saudi Embassy in Washington, as well as the Saudi Consulate in Los Angeles” — but investigators were constantly told to back off from pursuing those leads.

On Breitbart News Daily, Sperry said his book Infiltration documents “how the Saudi machine has financed a number of front organizations,” including — but not limited to — radical mosques.  He expected the infamous “28 Pages” to fit neatly with the many other classified documents he reviewed when writing the book.

He thought the Saudis probably shared that expectation, given their surprisingly blunt threats to wage economic warfare against the United States if the documents are declassified.  

“It’s an empty threat, but it shows just how worried they are, that this information is going to get out there, and they’re going to be held liable,” he said, adding that he’s been told “there’s enough information in those 28 pages to bring indictments against Saudi officials.”

Sperry emphasized the importance of both releasing the 28 Pages and passing legislation that would allow 9/11 families to use the declassified information, by filing suit against the Saudis involved in the attacks.  

He was somewhat doubtful any of that legislation would pass Congress unless American voters contacted their representatives and demanded it.  One positive sign noted by Sperry is that the number of co-sponsors for the 9/11 bill has doubled since the San Bernardino jihad attack.  On the other hand, he lamented that very few of the representatives allowed to read the 28 pages in a secure facility have done so, and it’s not even clear that President Obama has read them.

“The Saudis’ fingerprints are all over 9/11, and yet our government has done everything to erase them, so the public can’t see them,” he charged.  “You’re not just talking about locking up those 28 pages, but also, the case agents I’ve talked to, who were working those 9/11 leads going back to the Saudis, were stymied at every turn.  They were stopped from doing their jobs when it came to the Saudis.”

“These 28 pages are explosive,” he said.  “They name names of individuals complicit in the attacks.  They’re all clearly identified – the facilitators and handlers for the hijackers, the financiers and bag men.”

This is a monstrous scandal a political scandal, as well — one of the worst in our history, if not the worst,” Sperry continued.  “It is so important to release those 28 pages, not just so the 9/11 families can finally get justice and closure, but also so we can end this suicidal phony alliance with Saudi Arabia.”

“We’re still sharing intel with them, at this moment, in our so-called War on Terrorism, that Obama won’t even call it that anymore,” he pointed out.  “We’re still arming them, sending weapon systems, JDAMs.  We’re still rubber-stamping their student visas, to the tune of tens of thousands of these young Saudi men are still flooding our shores here, and supposedly going to our campuses — the ones that, you know, we can track.  But yet the Saudis, they’re still funding jihadists, all around the globe, and they’re still building radical mosques here.”

“We’ve got to stop this madness.  The Saudis are operating a massive counter-intelligence program against us, right here in America,” Sperry warned.  “And we’re letting it happen.”

Source: Breitbart

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  • DENNIS says:

    All persons arrested, were Saudis…It adds up…!

  • gf says:

    The fact that the 28 pages have been withheld, speaks volumes. Just like back in the day, when Carter sealed the FBI records on MLK. If the truth got out, the clown would not have a national holiday. The MLK records, were supposedly sealed for 50 years. Yah, like they will ever see the light of day. MLK was your typical groid, an adulterer, cavorting with Commies, etc. James Earl Ray, did not do us any favors, he made the groid into a martyr.

  • Earl says:

    Obama doesn’t have to read them. The Brotherhood has told him all about it and to keep them hidden! Walk like a duck, sound like a duck, act like a duck, look like a duck, = your a duck! “O” is muslim = he is the enemy= hung for treason is the next step along with all his help! That includes some of the GOP, much of the Demoncrats, muslim members in Congress, and much of the media. That’s what should happen! Magic wand, where are you?

  • Andre says:

    They despise us, they are financing terrorism and the building of the thousands of Mosques that pop up in Europe and the US, they plan to destroy our culture and to enslave us. Our politicians are to blame for allowing those ramshackle bédouins to back mail us. The truth must come out but O will go to Ryhad and screw up big time.

  • William Grimes says:

    Isn’t it obvious

  • John says:

    Their clerics have radicalized many of the terrorists. Bin Laden, 911and San Bernardino.

  • Name says:

    When every part of the attacks had a Jewish owned company or a dual citizen of Israel involved, it’s clear who the real culprit is. The fact they had the most to gain and did gain should through the expansion of their plans for the Greater Israel project. The Saudi’s may have something to do with it but it would be a minor part. A little known history fact is there is a tribe in Israel who is blood related to the Saudi’s that is why they are so sneaky about their relationship and who they murder. Make no mistakes, the Satanist Jews (not the real Jews) are the enemy of the people of the US and are currently running our government..

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