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Sean Hannity Is Sick Of The Hillary Loving RINOs



Sean Hannity has had enough. He is sick of the members of Republican Party who have essentially endorsed Hillary Clinton. Watch the above clip and see Hannity name names and hold them accountable with a list of reasons why Hillary must not be allowed to win in November.

Sean Hannity is absolutely correct in his assessment of this election. You may not like Donald Trump as a man or a candidate, you may not agree with all his positions or the things he says, you may not even think he is a true conservative, but he has one thing going for him that no conservative voter should doubt, he is a better choice than Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton will be the most liberal president this country has ever seen. She will ramp up Obamacare, take away the 2nd amendments, lie, cheat, steal, and even kill. She is unacceptable in every way. Yet, the Republicans who now stand against Trump and have even gone as far as to run a conservative candidate against him have betrayed their country and their voters for their own selfish motives.

It is our obligation as conservatives and constitutional voters to keep Hillary out of office and to send these RINOs home when their time comes. The American people have had enough of politics as usual.

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  • Margaret Sessions says:

    She is evil and the people she has mesmerized/hypnotized to follow her are going to regret it. This country will be as obama wants it with her in office, muslimized.

  • Ron Naddeo says:

    Only Donald Trump can save America from The Obama administration and Hillary who would seek to Destroy America for their New world order!

  • Michael W King Sr says:

    The Republicans are a bunch of cry baby losers and will help destroy what is left of our country.

  • Jim Robinett says:

    Americans need to stop thinking of themselves and the freebies clinton is promising them. Get America back on line as a republic not a failing democracy!

    • Robert D says:

      Hillary Lies , even about her Lies , why can’t the democrats who vote democrat just because their mommy and daddy are democrat realize that voting for Killary will be a disaster , can’t they realize themselves that voting democrat would be dangerous this time around

  • gary krontz says:

    I’m just sick of Hillary

    Everything is just LIES God forbid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cony says:

    Because I do not want bill or the wife in the white house to screw our country up any
    more than it already is & we need to stop MONSANTO.

  • Christine Plunkett says:

    Absolutely agree because as the years she served as Secretary of State revealed she was responsible for the fiasco in Benghazi and then lied about it to the families and everyone in America.
    The Rhinos that refuse to endorse Trump are putting all Americans at risk because she has proven she can not be in reliable as the leader of America.

  • Gary D Flatt says:

    It’s not possible to have an American election with a all Marxist fraud Obama has well established. How many THINK Obama won a second term as president without Marxist fraud?

  • Forest huffman says:

    She is a crminal and she keeps gettig by. She should be in prison.

  • mary pariseau says:

    Hillary will put this country in danger with her plans.

  • robert murray says:

    the men mentioned ( term used lightly ) are only puppets, not republicans, it’s all about dollars, politics as usual.

  • Al Noble says:

    This is just one reason we get nothing good from Congress, they are just plain STUPID. Again they refuse to listen to what “We the People” want.

  • Gary says:

    Why if you were a person of ethics; Vote for someone who without any doubt, should of been prosecuted for felony violations?

  • Thomas says:

    ThomasWe just have to stop killing babies and save our freedom of speech

  • Ralph says:

    politicians are afraid of loosing their positions

  • Dana Cayton says:

    They need to stand behind the nominee, stop acting like children, do you want another OBAMA in office, it is the worse administration in American history, you toot your horns about all you have done for this country, if you do not stand behind your nominee YOUR ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM! period

  • Rex Clark says:

    When are you going to wake up RINO’S. The American people are telling you we are tired of politicians and want to be represented be we the people.

  • Don DeHoff says:

    Any and all elected officials should represent the overall general philosophy of those who elected them. We also should have a procedure for citizens to recall RINOs without waiting for their term(s) to expire. Also, there should be term limits of two 4-year term for each house, with the house members being eligible to run for the Senate, but not vise versa. Also any elected or appointed official should not be able to run for “another” elected office without first resigning from their present position—they should not be able to run for an elected office while on the government payroll. Also, all congresspersons should be paid by the states they represent. Also, the pensions should be fully portable defined contribution pension plans, with their pension being just that which their individual fund would support at their retirement. No elected official should have a compensation or pension plan that makes them “rich”.

  • Reynold Waterhouse says:

    If Clinton wins we will loose our freedoms . She has proven that she is controlled by foriegn powers and that is flat out treason . She has made a mockery of our voting system wth fraud . So I ask America Is this really who we want as a nations leader a traitor

  • JERRY GODSEY says:

    I agree with Sean because, what he says is right.

  • Gregory Baize Sr says:

    Ok, enough is enough. I was a life long Republican and because the Republican party left me, I had to go to a party that promoted my values. That party is The Constitution Party. Our Federal Government needs to stop doing what ever they want without refering to our founding document. The Constitution needs no inturpratation It needs to be read and followed for what it exactly says. Yes I want Conservitive Judges appointed. But I also want elected officials to read and follow the Constitution. If the bill does not line up with the Constitution it must die. Further more I’m afraid that if the Democrats get Clinton as President there will be another revelution as true patriots step up to defend the Constitution. This election year is a make or break. We need to end the Democrat Party because there is nothing Democratic about them anymore they may fly the colors of Democracy but their beliefs are Communist and Socialist to say the least. So join me in my fight to end the Democrat Party or at least they need to change their name to the Communist Party that is more discriptive of what they are.

  • Robert Dayton says:

    I left the republican party over 20 years ago and became in independent, as I saw the party
    becoming left of center for years before that.
    The era of Bush was the last straw for me. I don’t see the party coming back EVER.
    I will only vote for the person, not the party. That is why I’m voting Trump this time, and who knows after that.

  • karla says:

    a vote for anyone other than Trump is a vote for Hillary. They are afraid Trump will wreck their cushy little nests they’ve built for themselves! and hope he does! Enough is enough!

  • Gayle Henningfeld says:

    Hillary is just a liar.

  • Lester says:

    they profess to be conservatives but then support her progressive, liberal, lying ways. They speak with the forked tongue of the “Devil incarnate” SHILLARY, a shill for evil.

  • phillip larsen says:

    They just don’t want trump. to win

  • Lorraine M. Harbaugh says:

    She has been proven she is a liar. How convenient that three men that were part of her staff have been killed that were going to testify. Add them to the list of those who have been killed or should I say murdered.

  • Rolla Palmer says:

    The facts are in front of the elites they need to agree to elect Mr Trump! I did not want another Bush in the White House Jeb was so unsure of why he was running. I don’t have to hold my nose while voting for a change!!

  • Glen Huff says:

    She is a crook and clearly has broken multiple laws and should be in prison is no better than any other citizen of the United States! Congress needs to do their jobs and put laws on the books and hold accountable all politicians for breaking any laws

  • terria says:

    She is evil in my opinion and you can’t believe a word she says. She doesn’t like women or America and will not protect our service men or women because to her it just about the money and power! My opinion takes in not only her words but also her actions!

  • John Renard says:

    She should be in jail as well as most her crooked followers

  • Frank says:

    Shawn is dead on! These discusting people that call them selves republican would jeopardize our country with Hillery Clinton have lost there minds! My family will suffer for the way they acted and there families as well. Just because they don’t like Donald Trump! He is clearly more competent than crooked Hillery by far! He is offering us conservative values, that turning your back on your country is just down right un American! I will tell you this, if Crooked Hillery wins, we loose America as we no. All because of Jack Asses like Shawn stated and many more that were not listed! We All Know Who They Are! Wake up America or we loose our country for Good! Barack Obama crushed America with his Radical Agenda! He purposely destroyed our country. Crooked Hillery will finish the job but make America her vision of what it should be. A dictatorship, no more America as we know! I can’t believe that in my life time that I would live to see the day that America would fall! That is exactly what happens if Hillery wins!

  • Gan says:

    If they want to be Democrats, be Democrats.
    Do not be cowardly,two faced, forked tongued, limp wrist Ms McConnell and Shakane (Mc Cain wash out) who were elected to be Republicans, but could not cut and sold out as turncoats.

  • La Nay Mayer says:

    I feel the exact same way! I think the polls are fixed right now so the when the Dems stuff the ballet boxes in Nov it will not look suspicious. I think every State needs to require photo ID to vote. Avoid Voter fraud!


    Same thing I have been wanting to tell the dumb asses.

  • Patricia Smith says:

    You are 110% right. We have got to get her out of Washington.

  • K aren Mattice says:

    Hillary Clinton is a liar and is very corrupt.

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