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Shocking Confessions Of An ISIS Soldier



The Confessions Of An ISIS Soldier, see more at:
The Confessions Of An ISIS Soldier (Image: MGN)
  • An Islamic State soldier has been captured and confessed the crimes and lies of the ISIS group.
  • Thahir Sahab Jamel has been a soldier for the Islamic State for three years and now wants out.
  • He admitted to killing men, women, and children in the name of ISIS, although he cannot remember the exact number.

The thought has always plagued my mind, to know whether or not a captured ISIS fighter would confess his sins. You know when you watch movies and people get captured, they are always so strong and defiant. They spit in the face of their captor and refuse to talk.

Would an ISIS fighter do that? Would he be defiant?

Well, now we know the answer. Recently, an ISIS terrorist fighter was captured and he sang like a bird. He confessed to killing handfuls of men, women, and children, all in the name of religion. It could just be because he is waiting for his likely execution, but he says his past haunts him.

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In an interview with Fox News, Thahir Sahab Jamel 27, who is currently in prison in Kirkuk, disgraced the Islamic army that he joined three years ago. He talked about his travels as a foot soldier for the Islamic State army, and how eventually he awoke the horrors that he was committing. Jamel said, “At the beginning, ISIS told us we would all go to heaven. But now that I am in prison, it means I am going to the fire. I am going to hell.”

Apparently, Jamel's pleas for leaving the Islamic army have not yet convinced the Kurdish police officers who watch the prison. The Kirkuk Police Brig. General Sarhad Qader Mohammad claimed that they have heard those kinds of refrains before from Islamic terrorist before. Mohammad said, “When they are arrested they try to say they are no longer with ISIS, but most of the time it is not true.”

Jamel claimed that he joined the terrorist organization, along with many others, because he was not pleased with the Shia-led government. He said, “A man named Salam talked to me and got me connected to ISIS. He told me I needed to be a jihadist and fight the Shia government. He convinced me to fight the government. I started getting involved as they were planning operations to begin in Iraq and Syria.”

When Jamel first joined the army, he claimed that it was filled with other young men in their 20's who idolized the image that their “recruiters” pitched to them. Yet soon, the army was filled with older man who had been a part of Sadam Hussein's old army, these men were warriors. Jamel said, “everything was about setting the role of Shariah,” their mission was to take over the nation and destroy any infidels, fellow Muslims or not, that got in their way. He went on to say, “We were told that yes, people here are Muslims, but they are not the right Muslims. And to build the Caliphate we must control the economy, take over every oil field.” Jamel went from being a simple foot soldier in 2013 to being the leader of a 70 soldier group in 2015. He couldn't remember how many people he or his men murdered but he admitted to willingly taking part in the handing over of prisons to officials for torture and execution.

The police officials in Kirkuk have to now investigate the gravity of Jamel's war crimes, after the investigation, he will be taken out of solitary confinement and placed with the other Islamic fighters. That is when he will await his sentencing which could be life imprisonment, that is the usual outcome, or execution for his crimes.

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