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Sniper Blows Away 4 ISIS Jihadis With 1 Bullet.



  • A British sniper killed four ISIS jihadis with only one bullet.
  • The sniper shot a gas canister that was going to be used to burn 12 victims alive, instead igniting and killing four ISIS members.
  • The sniper has not been identified, but is a reported member of a British and American special forces group that has been going after “high priority” targets.

A British sniper took out four ISIS jihadis with only one bullet seconds before they burned 12 hostages alive.

The sniper was a member of a British and American special forces unit who's mission it is to seek out high priority jihadist targets and eliminate them. He did his job excellently and had been tracking this specific Jihadi executioner, who had a taste for burning his victims alive.

Just seconds before the Jihadi and three others were able to set 12 hostages on fire, the British sniper took one shot at the gas can and sent all four to their deaths by the very method they were about to use. All 12 of the hostages (eight men and four women) escaped with their lives.

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The unidentified sniper used a Barrett .50 rifle to shoot the gas can from a distance of approximately 1500 meters away or just under a mile. Not too bad for a day of ISIS killing.

If this incredible story sounds a little familiar it could be because it has happened before. Back in October, a British member of their SAS killed five ISIS jihadis with three bullets. This time using the first shot to detonate an explosives belt, killing three, and then finishing off the other two.

In February ISIS announced a manhunt for a sniper in Libya that had single handily taken out three of their top brass. The sniper was believed to be British or American with a strong knowledge of the landscape.

Could this be the same guy still on a successful ISIS hunting mission? Either way, it's not a good time to be a bad guy.

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