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The Snowflakes Have Spoken; Your Rights Don’t Exist If Your A Conservative



A law professor was heckled and shouted down during a recent speech at the City University of New York (CUNY) School of Law by students who opposed his conservative views.

Take a moment and breath in the stupidity of what you just read.

Law Students In College (Who will represent real people one day) screamed F*** The Law to a guest speaker coming to educate them on Free Speech!

This is what our wasteland of the “college experience” has come to not education but taking stands and seeing who can scream the loudest!

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The sad truth is all to often conservative speech is stifled on campus by students who “swarm on anyone who does not toe the progressive line.”

But I want to hear your thoughts and opinions below! Please let me know…

Below Are Some Other Sources For You To Get The Full Scoop!

The Good:

The Professors Blog:

Normally I would put up a few other sources but Surprise Surprise no left-leaning news organization thought it was a good idea to actually run the story!

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  • Beth Mulvihill says:

    Universities and colleges get an enormous amount of tax payer funds and these should be cut since they allow students walk out of class and protest anytime they get a whim. This is getting old and either cut the funds and let these crying brats pay their own way. This is a slap in the face of every tax payer in America! If these kids want to protest imstead of gettin an education then they can pay for it. It should be required that all students take a semester in the history of America and study the Constitution and our Bill of Rights! If this cannot happen then cut funding! A simple fix because we are getting sick and tired of these special brats that offer nothing but take! I seriously wish they would try and take our rights.

  • Joe says:

    The dingbat with the sign can’t even spell!

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