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Stack of Hay Bales Painted to Support Biden and Harris Goes up in Flames

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Stack of Hay Bales Painted to Support Biden and Harris Goes up in Flames

A pro-Biden/Harris display in a Massachusetts farm went up in flames a day after its setup completion. A stack of hay bales painted to support the Democratic candidates made up the display.

The 15-foot display at Holiday Brook Farm in Dalton had the words “USA” and “VOTE.” It also had the names of the two Democrats.

According to Dicken Crane, owner of the farm, he was working on Friday evening with other farmhands when he saw the display on fire.

49-year-old Lonnie Durfee was charged with burning personal property in connection with the blaze, reported the New York Daily News.

Crane mentioned that locals made a sign that would be theft-proof. They made this since supporters have complained about the disappearances of their Biden-Harris signs.

“We expected there might be some vandalism,” said Craine. “But we never expected somebody would douse it with gasoline and set it on fire,” he then added. “It was very worrisome somebody would set those bales on fire, you had to wonder whether he would be willing to set a barn on fire.”

“You don’t ever expect it to happen in your backyard and you certainly don’t expect it to happen in Dalton,” said farmer Kate Pike to WNYT News. “It looked like someone had poured something that looked kind of like coffee all over it, so I actually stopped and took a picture. It looked like kind of graffiti on it and [police] were able to use the timestamp of that photograph.”

Officials told Pike that what she saw was believed to be motor oil. Durfee likely failed to set the oil on fire. He came back after Pike left to try again with gasoline, Fox News reported.

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