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Starbucks Offers U.S. Employees One-Way “Lyft” Ride to Polls

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Starbucks Offers U.S. Employees One-Way “Lyft” Ride to Polls

Starbucks offers its employees in the U.S. a “Lyft” to their local polling place ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

A recent update in a Starbucks blog post says that starting October 5th, the company “will provide all U.S. partners with a free one-way Lyft ride up to $75 to the polls to vote, volunteer as a poll worker or drop off a ballot at a post office, ballot box or other official ballot drop location.”

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said that no partner (employee) need to pick one over the other. They don’t “have to choose between working their shift or voting on or before Election Day,” the blog post reads.

“The upcoming election is a reminder that we, as citizens, play an active role in our society by simply getting involved and voting,” Johnson also wrote in an August letter to partners. “Who you vote for is a very personal decision that you make as a citizen. It is one way for you to be heard. It is how democracy works,” he then added.

“Through conversations between managers and nearly 200,000 partners, we’ll ensure you have the tools and the time necessary to register and cast your vote. To further enable this, partners have created a new portal with tools and resources to support your civic engagement,” he added.

The company’s app also provides information on how and where customers can register to vote.

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