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Las Vegas Startup Develops Self-Cleaning Slot Machine Dividers Amid Pandemic



Casino Slot Machines | Las Vegas Startup Develops Self-Cleaning Slot Machine Dividers Amid Pandemic | Featured

Smith Rosen Gaming Partitions, a Las Vegas startup, has developed self-cleaning slot machine dividers.

“We asked ourselves what in nature naturally combats germs? And how can we harness that power and apply it to a casino environment?” said Darryl Rosenblatt, Senior Director of Marketing at Smith Rosen Gaming Partitions.

Innovation Amidst a Pandemic

Rosenblatt and a team of gaming engineers at Smith Rosen created SafePlay UV.

According to Smith Rosen Gaming Partitions CEO Jeff Smith, the technology uses ultraviolet light to clean its surface while encouraging social distancing.

“It actually maintains the integrity of how slot games should be,” Smith said. “It has a nice lighting feature as well, and at the same time it cleans the surface and gets rid of that bacteria and disinfects.”

“We utilize ultraviolet light in a shrouded bar that cleanses the surface of the partition whenever a person gets up. So basically, they have a clean area to play in every time they get up from the machine. Absolutely no germs can grow on the surface of the partition and while it’s cleaning it’s actually generating ozone, which has sanitary effects as well,” said Rosenblatt.

Smith said the product’s soft launch will be in May for a projected full launch in June, reported Fox Business.

“I think it's just happened all so quickly,” Smith said. “I think what happened is when you have a collection of engineers and product developers that have discussions driven by fear and uncertainty, you tend to be solutions-based. And then that solution turns into a product relatively quick.”

Smith said the product was designed to be a long-term solution to various problems. “We came up with something that, really, it solved a lot of problems,” he said. “And it still maintained, again, the integrity and the pizzazz of what a Las Vegas casino floor should be about. And it keeps people safe.”

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