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Steven Crowder Destroys Sanders Lover’s Marx Video



Anyone that has been around the site for a while knows that I'm a fan of Steven Crowder. No one else can so effortlessly rip into the amazingly flawed arguments that liberals like to brandish quite as well as he and this video might just be the best yet.

The Bernie Sanders supporters are a particularly nasty group of jack-booted thugs on the internet these days, lurking on any and every page ready to jump on anyone who even suggests that socialism is not the way of the future. Well guess what? Socialism is a cancer inflicted on the masses by the ignorant who manage to keep forgetting the lessons of a generation past. Although, What do you expect when most were born after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

One of the favorite tools seems to be a Karl Marx video that “defends” the worker while demonizing the evil capitalists that own everything… I'll save you what I truly think of this and instead refer back to Steven Crowder's video as he debunks these historically bad philosophy minute by minute.

Give it a look and see for yourself just how crazy their rhetoric has become and keep in mind that Bernie Sanders has called for a revolution, is this what it would look like?

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  • LuCi Bennett says:

    So many are blind followers. If they took the 11 minutes to watch this video, I guarantee they’ll have a better understanding what they are actually supporting! Timely.

  • Gerry says:

    Why are people so blind to the fact that socialism has always and will always fail ????

  • Larry says:

    Communism has only one goal, domination of the many by an elite few using greed and laziness as a means to achieve it.

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