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Election 2016

It’s A Swing State Showdown



It's A Swing State Showdown, see more at:
It's A Swing State Showdown (Image: MGN)
  • In polls taken in the swing states, Hillary and Trump are neck in neck.
  • In Virginia, Hillary is only 3 points ahead of Trump.
  • Although, only a year ago, Hillary was 10 points ahead in Virgina.
  • This race has many similarities between the 2012 race between Obama and Romney.

A recent poll of the swing states shows the bloody battle between Hillary and Trump may not have such a visible victor after all.

Usually, swing state skirmishes resemble the one that happened between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney back in 2012. However, Pennsylvania, which is usually the black mist that rolls in and tilts the vote in one direction or the other, this time, is ahead of schedule.

A Democrat favoring firm PPP released a poll on Thursday of Virginia which showed Hillary only 3 points ahead of Trump. Only one year ago Hillary was up by 10 points in Virginia, yet the decline of Hillarys favorability and the rise of Trumps has put the two neck in neck. Although Trump's unpopularity still beats Hillary's, the state could still be anybody's. Back in 2012 Obama beat Romney by only four points in Virginia, which could ultimately be the outcome of this year's election.

To be honest the battle of Obama and Romney have quite a few similarities between this year's race. In 2012 Obama beat Romney with women voters by 9 points, whereas Hillary is beating Trump with female voters by 11 points. Trump is ahead of Clinton with male voters by four points, the same margin that Romney was ahead of Obama.

Yet a PPP poll of Pennsylvania, that was taken in June, has Trump and Hillary tied; each with 44 percent support. Hillary is ahead by 20 points among female voters, yet Trump is ahead by 22 points among male voters.

Florida has a history of being taken by a margin of 5 points, Obama beat Romney in Florida by less than 1 point. Yet, a PPP Poll taken in June finds Trump ahead of Clinton in Florida by 1 point. Just another comparison to the 2012 presidential election.

The comparisons are all over, Obama took Wisconsin by 7 points and Hillary is ahead of Trump by 9 points.

The past two weeks have been accompanied by a spike in national polls for Hillary's campaign, coming right after she clinched the Democratic nominee. A similar surge happened to Trump's campaign after he became the Republican nominee.

Although Trump is behind by a hair, this could still be anyone's victory. All the states that sway the deciding factor are neck and neck and either one of the candidates could get ahead by a large margin.



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