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Texas GOP Rep. Sounds Alarm on What Biden’s Doing to the U.S. Border



US Customs and Border Protection - Texas GOP Rep. Sounds Alarm on What Biden's Doing to the U.S. Border -ss-Featured

Many reports have revealed how bad the situation is at the U.S. border under President Joe Biden’s administration. However, it might actually be worse than what many people think.

Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy appeared on Fox News for an interview. There, he said that Biden’s administration contributed to making the U.S. border situation worse. Roy also added that the Department of Homeland Security had become “a welcome mat” for people trying to illegally immigrate to the U.S.

Roy then revealed that the facility holding migrant children is at capacity already. He also noted that the facility houses a lot of kids with COVID-19.

The representative then stated that this is a result of Biden’s open borders policy. Roy added that, with what they are doing, they are encouraging children to go on more “dangerous journeys.”

Biden Administration's U.S. Border Actions May Endanger More People

Roy then added that because of the Biden administration, both Americans and immigrants are in danger.

Fox News host Harris Faulkner then mentioned a report about how the administration had approved of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s involvement at the border. Faulkner described it as “a disaster.”

To this, Roy agreed. He then noted how the administration had kept on saying that there was no crisis, yet now, they’re opening up a FEMA facility to try and solve the overflow of migrant children.

Then, Roy mentioned that the said facility will be full and that the administration will have to find another place to move kids to.

According to a CNN report, a record high of 3,700 migrant children are unaccompanied and are in the agency’s custody. Another report by the news outlet on Monday revealed that the kids held at government-run facilities at the border had mentioned that they couldn’t shower for days nor contact their parents.

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  • JJ Johnson says:

    We need to fire Harris and biden and ship Pelosi to LaGrange, Tx🤣😂😜 ….Isn’t she a ‘pole climber???

  • J Groomes says:

    If I new back when I serving my country in the USAF that there was going to be a communist administration in the white house I would not have wasted my time protecting the freedons and rights of the American people and would have left the USA years ago! Tell me Biden, what sense does it make to turn our country into the same one the immigrants are leaving? You have now created and have become the leader of the Divided States “CARTEL” of America!

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