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Texit Proves State’s Rights Not Important To Trump



Trump Says No No To 'Texit', see more at:
Trump Says No No To ‘Texit' (Image: MGN)
  • The Texas Nationalist Movement is seeking for their own ‘Texit' from America.
  • Trump, however, said that Texas would not be allowed to leave if he were in the White House.
  • Texas has continuously tried to leave the union, each time being denied by either the government itself or by officials within the state.
  • Daniel Miller, the leader of the Nationalist Movement, reached out to the Governor of Texas asking for a referendum from the state.

The separation of Britain from the European Union came like a plague in the darkness of the night, no one saw it coming. Yet, ‘Brexit' has now become the idol of other groups looking to separate, one in particular. Texas.

That's right, Texas is at it again, with talks about their own ‘Texit'. Once, again the secessionists from the state that birthed cowboys, armadillos, and saloons is taking a stance and claiming they want to leave America.

Trump, however, like the kid on the beach who knocks over your sandcastle, quickly killed all hopes of that. He took time out of his golf trip in Scotland to talk to reporters about the subject and said, “Texas will never do that because Texas loves me.”

For years we have been hearing the voices of Texas nationalists speaking out about seceding. So, when ‘Brexit' got a victorious vote, they used it as wood to fuel their fire for leaving America, calling for Texas Independence. Daniel Miller the leader of the Texas Nationalist Movement created the hashtag #Texit, that went viral on Friday, as a way to welcome a vote for the seceding of Texas.

Although the separation of Britain did give a glimpse of possibility for others who are seeking separation for themselves, Trump made it clear that would not be an option if he was in the White House.

Three years ago Texas tried something similar and was told by the White House that they could not leave the union. Some are saying that this type of opposition is exactly what caused Britains ‘Brexit' in the first place, drawing parallels between Trump and the establishment that Britain was trying to escape from.

Last month alone, the Republican Party in Texas defeated a bid to give Texas its independence at their convention.

An analyst wrote on Friday in The Texas Tribune, that Texas could legally split up into separate states, however, it could not legally secede. The analyst even went as far to quote Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, “If there was any constitutional issue resolved by the Civil War, it is that there is no right to secede.”

That did not stop the Texas Nationalist Movement leader, Daniel Miller, from calling on the Texas Governor Greg Abbot to call for their own referendum.

“The win for Brexit opens the door for Texit by establishing, concretely, that it is possible to have an adult conversation on independence and letting the people have the final say,” Miller said.

Texas was its own country for nine years after it won it's independence from Mexico in 1836. The secessionists say that the state is burdened by the federal government and is completely capable of surviving on their own economy without the help of America.

Either way, it doesn't look like they will have the chance to prove it.

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  • Stanley Head says:

    If Texas stopped being a state of America; We Texans would a\have war with Mexico. America would remove all military equipment leavking Texans to fight hand to hand with all of the illigale in Texas and anyone from Mexico. Texas has a Texas National Guard but I’m not sure how they stand.Government Abbot will make any move in that direction; I will follow.

  • CompletelyOutsane says:

    Thereby proving Scalia was not ALWAYS right. The War of Northern Aggression did NOT change The Constitution for the United States of America or The Declaration of Independence stances on government.and self determination.

  • Jon Exner says:

    I think this issue was settled in 1863 and has nothing to do with States rights.

    There were too many Americans (not all were Texans) who died to see that Texas had it’s freedom from Mexico to take separation so lightly.

    There is no relationship between England getting out of the EU and an attempt for Texas to get out of America.

  • Sue says:

    I feel Texas would leave because of Obama’s lawlessness

  • alfred says:

    media bias

  • Leah Freese says:

    First, it truly is not legal, would risk civil war, loss of trade through embargos, it’s economically unsound, increase drug violence, risk a war, with not only federal government, but also Mexico, Texas would have to raise taxes and implement a huge state tax, so no, I do not support Texas seceding. I love Texas, I’m a native Texan I will defend state rights, but I do not believe it is in Texas’s best interest to secede.

  • wood says:

    May be we can leave with them as I live in Mississippi

  • James says:

    Mr. Trump in playing in deep water where he has never trod before. The man is a businessman not a politician . Has not yet learned to say contradictory terms at the. Same time. I heard him say the very first thing that comes to his mind. Later he may have to learn to chew slowly on those words. I do believe he will be better than what we have had in the past. Hopefully he,will,surround himself with knowable and honest men. Boy! Would that be a change!!!

  • Ken McDonald says:

    Texas leaving would cripple the nation. Now if California left it couldn’t be better. Trump wants the best for the nation.

  • James says:

    Let’s stop a minute, I can join a buyers club and if I don’t like it, I Quit! I can join a local church and if I decide I don’t like it, I can quit! I get married and it turns out horrible, I quit. Now just where is it written in stone, if you join up with us You Can Never Quit! If the existing states have to approve your first joining the union, then is it possible for the other states to vote you out??? Why is the shoe on the wrong foot? What King made this rule?

  • Rivahmitch says:

    “If there was any constitutional issue resolved by the Civil War, it is that there is no right to secede.”

    In other words “Might Makes Right”. Combined with Washingtons quote that “Government is Force” , it makes it very clear that we have a 2nd Amendment to allow citizens a counterforce.

    Semper Fi!!

  • Fred Keefer says:

    As pointed out in the article, this appears to be a matter settled by the U.S. Civil War even though the war did not write one word concerning this subject in the Constitution.

  • DUKE says:

    This is a knee-jerk reaction. Texit and Brexit are far from the same thing. Sure with Omarxist as POTUS, any and everybody would want to exit from The U. S. of A.. That would be the smart thing to do. However, Donald J. Trump desperately needs to be elected POTUS, at which time things across all of The U. S. of A. will get better and return to normal as the Constitutional Republic this country was founded to be.

  • l says:

    tell me why I should agree. so far I have neither seen nor heard anything that would support the statement that he doesn’t care about states rights.

  • Dean says:

    every state has rights

  • Peter says:

    States Right’s have been incrementally diluted in to a shadow of their former selves. This nation is centralized, crony-capitalism and if you can’t see that by now well, we all are in for the worst of it but don’t try and con me into believing we are a Democratic Republic. There is no difference between left and right, Democrat or Republican, rule of law and highway robbery (Civil Forfeiture) and on and on. This nation is now about privilege and money. It is a club and we are not in it. They will destroy any and everyone to keep their ill gotten gains. They have the means and the will to complete the destruction of any society where the people can approve or disapprove of any law and end it. We will never rise up in our own defense because we have been so well programmed by the propaganda, we would never consider the risk versus reward. We just concern ourselves with the next distraction.

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