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The Clintons Will Lie Their Way To The White House



A new attack ad on Hillary Clinton came out this week that exposes her and Bill for what they truly are, deeply demented sociopaths who have been using the same lies for over 20 years.

This woman stands a very strong chance of becoming president and that also means having Bill back in the White House. That can not be allowed to happen.

Another term or, god forbid, two of Bill Clinton would destroy the country. It would be the death of our constitution and our moral fiber. It would be a catastrophe that I'm not sure this country could survive.

I don't need to tell you, nor do I have the time, to list all of the clintons many many scandals. These are two people who have been non-stop investigated since the 70s and always manage to lie and bluff their way out of any real consequences while their friends and employees take the fall.

They have blood on their hands and they will only add more when they get back to the White House.

Do everything you can to stop the Clintons from taking the White House next year. Get the word to friends and families and support Donald Trump. A Clinton victory is not an option.

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  • Donald Richard says:

    Hillary has a history of lying going back to the Nixon investigation, where her peers would have recommended her being disbarred for destroying evidence, but luckily for her Nixon resigned. She will do anything to get the outcome she wants.

  • ray beaker says:

    money promises made with wall street she is a crude person who thinks she is above the law same as her husband

  • Terry W says:

    They’ve been doing this for ages !!!

  • Boni says:

    They have lied, cheated, distorted, killed, and subverted our nation in a continuous pattern of contempt for personal gain and position.

  • Malvin D. Luke says:

    They are no good for this country

  • Nancy says:

    Tell me how.

  • j digiorgio says:

    Their own words on tape show that they were lying and they will continue to do so for ever!

  • Richard Irvin says:

    never ever trust any clinton for any reason

  • Lanny Harmeyer says:

    Hillary Clinton does not know how to tell the
    truth, she holds herself above everyone else
    Power is her religon.

  • patti volz says:

    I will vote for TRUMP in November.What else can we do to keep Bill&Hillary out?America is rolling down hill to an angry sea of immorality,deceit,lies,illegal immigrants,etc…Bill&Hillary will lead us the rest of the way down,taking our constitutional rights-1 by 1-with them.There will be no more freedoms or rights unless you are LBGT or an immigrant.You will get poorer while their numerous bank accounts get bigger and bigger.!st it will be America then off to conquer the rest of the world.Again,I ask-WHAT ELSE CAN WE DO?!?!

  • Bret says:

    Bill lied about Lewinski, Hillary lied over and over about Benghazi

  • Harry Coleman says:

    Look @ their background & record, all the way back to Little Rock.Taking money from foreign governments, having the IRS audit & investigate groups that don’t agree with them

  • Arnold Shannon says:

    past history will tell us this.

  • edward says:

    I would hope that the majority of the American people have not forgotten the history of the Clinton’s crimes.

  • J Parsel says:

    When power takes over reason, people will kill to get where they need to go. Once people get that taste of power especially in the highest office of the land, US President, with many people they will sell their souls and their families and friends to the devil. Money talks. Most of the Presidents left office with so many connections that money rolls in their doors. I believe that some of them want to do good, but the pressures of the office and the temptations of the office cause them to change while trying to fulfill the desires/promises to the citizens as well as their own. Most of them have succumbed, even our founding fathers. It’s ironic that slavery, the depression, putting the Japanese in Prison-of-War camps were all done by the Democrats, yet the Republicans are held up as the bad guys. Now, Obama has reestablished racism in America, making it as bad if not worst than the 60’s which I lived thru. Once again, the Democrats have done the dirty deed. Our Police are not respected nor safe, people are scared, more people are subjected to poverty and yet the Democrats are not held accountable.

    I can only believe that if Hillary get elected most Americans don’t care about lying, want handouts, to be deep in debt, and think it is perfectly OK to allow immigrants in the country without vetting them. The borders could have been sealed and the lawful way to allow them in could have been informed. But instead the Washington government inhibited the states from enacting the laws already in place. If the Supreme court goes totally liberal, my grandchildren and their children will suffer for years. I believe that the families that have been in politics don’t want outsiders in. We are no different in that respect than Monarches of years gone by.

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