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The Left Is Lying To You About Modern Rape Culture



Are American college campuses rape cultures? According to gender-rights groups, politicians, and academics… Yes.

Would you send your daughter to a place for four years where there was a 20% chance she would be raped or sexually assaulted? That is the claim that these “experts” have made. The problem is that it just simply isn't true.

Modern-day feminism is nothing but an extension of PC culture which sets to demonize anyone who doesn't get in line with their way of thinking, championed by their current spokesman Joe Biden. They are trying to force the false narrative that 1 in 5 women on college campuses are raped or sexually assaulted.

Rape is not an issue that should be taken lightly, but as this video proves, we are being lied too. There is no evidence to support the claim of “a national campus rape culture or that of a cultural norm.” These statements are outright lies.

The data shows that rates of sexual assaults have been continuously on the decline with current rates at an all time low. However, much like Black Lives Matter, these gender-rights groups have used the false narrative of rape to wrestle control of their college campuses from the administration and place their own regime of PC culture. 

Under the rule of anti-rape culture all offenders are found guilty because accused.

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  • Paul says:

    Because you can’t expect others to pay while the lazy play!!! Go out and earn it!!!

  • Rick Kirkpatrick says:

    The left doesn’t want to prosecute rapists,many are illegal aliens and Middle East refugees.

  • Ron says:

    It’s amazing the the liberal people think men are the only ones who are interested in having relationships during their college education.

  • Paul Mann says:

    They lie about everything and try to deflect from the real issues. Obama trying to make America a communist/muslim nation and deny the reality, this nation IS A CHRISTIAN NATION AND CHRISTIANITY IS WHAT ALLOWED THIS NATION TO BE THE GREATEST NATION IN HISTORY.

  • CF Seabolt says:

    According FBI stats on violent crime, including rape, rape has decreased markedly since the 1970s.

    Does that sound like a rape culture to you? Or is it just that immigrants simply have not acculturated yet5

  • Charles Hess says:

    False claims of rape grab headlines and can use the power of the State to punish any male targeted. Marxists in charge of political correct speech have defined rape down to include almost any sexual encounter. Meanwhile, the society almost reflexively accept the woman’s story and punishes the rapist severely. If you want to see a rape culture in action, visit a Muslim country where sharia law is practiced.

  • Edward Swisher says:

    If you read uncensored news, the truth of who are the rapists and the idiotic political correctness for these people that governments hide!

  • Lewis Hopper says:

    The left lies to us about almost everything, why would this be any different?

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