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The Only Racist Hate Group This Election Is CNN



Watch the above video and see the dumb, race-baiting questions that CNN “journalists” ask Donald Trump supporters in hopes to get an awkward soundbite. Well, it's awkward alright, but not the way the journalist wanted.

The CNN reporter walks up to an African American man wearing a Trump hat and asks him, “What do you think about the fact that white supremacists support Trump?”

The Trump supporter is having none of it and fires back, “I'm sick of this race and divide and CNN is perfect at doing this… It's a scam and I know it won't make it on CNN.” They can support anyone they want, but that doesn't make Donald Trump a racist.

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A crowd quickly forms around the reporter who realizes all too late that he should have prepared real questions instead of just trying to incite racist sound clips.

The man filming has a question for the CNN reporter, “What do you think about what he just said, that maybe that's not a fair question and you're just trying to associate Trump with racism.”

The reporter looks like a deer in the headlights, shocked to be asked a question. The cameraman asks again and the reporter responds, “I'm just here doing my job.” He then tries to walk off, but a few of the crowd follow him asking him about the Black Panthers supporting Obama.

Don't trust what the main stream media shows you, it is all lies made to fit their story.

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  • Linda Bailey says:

    I don’t watch CNN anymore, because of the topics they bring up over and over again, about Trump being a racist. People are getting very wise and watching this election they see what is going on!!! The panel that CNN has on most of them are against Trump it is one sided !!!

  • ray says:

    CNN race baiting, yet another example.

  • philip erick says:

    actually I don’t think theyre the only racists. blm & most of the big three networks anchors.

  • Patsy Jennings says:

    CNN does not report the truth or any other news media who has the Democratic Party in their back pocket.

  • Marilyn says:

    Why not? They’re liberal. Enough said.

  • karen isidro says:

    The liberal media will never tell the truth as it is closely watched by “media matters”, owned by George Soros who wants to destroy America.

  • Sal bart says:

    Most liberal news media are racist

  • Salvatore J. Tuccio says:

    What we need to evaluate is the Democratic party DNA. They fought for and defended Slavery, after the civil war they needed to create a diversion away from their defense of slavery and in comes the KKK. If they did not create that group the Black people would have stayed with the Republican party. There were a host of issues along the years that contributed to the migration of back people to the democratic party, but I think the worst part was beginning of the destruction of the black family which began with welfare, and incentivizing many children through increased payments and benefits through that program which took the need for fathers to be a part of raising children, which then became the States responsibility. As a result you see the rise of violence and a poor education systems which preach rather than teach. To me what was clear evidence of that reality is in the last presidential election, in which a black women was asked who she was going to vote for and she said “Obama because you get free cell phones”. Think about that statement and tie it back to welfare and the sad fact that this women vision of her life was a free cell phone.

    In conclusion, the welfare state is the new plantation, because who is going to vote against getting all those benefits without the obligation to work for them. Just think about the study on stimulus response. Remember, the bell rings the dog drools and then he eats. Remember the rewards the free cell phone.

  • frank visconti says:

    all this nonsense is right out of the communist play book. the dems have been socialists since the forty’s and have graduated to communism.

  • Anthony Bennett says:


  • Cause they are the democratic socialist party says:

    Cnn is trash

  • Joni says:

    CNN backs Hillary 100%. They are unafraid of spewing hate and lies. Hardly a dependable source of news. Bought and paid for by the Democrats. They don’t even try to hide their conquer and divide attempts.

  • Jim sullivan says:

    CNN has always been ultra liberal, beyond even. Worse than Ted Turner days as well. I’ve arranged so it will not appear on my set. I’m too old to be violated!

  • Roberto Cadiz says:

    Because CNN is part of the leftist media.

  • irene says:

    I support it because its TRUE.

  • irene says:

    I agree because its TRUE.

  • Andy Selman says:

    I believe there are more than CNN. Network television and Telemundo are as well.

  • lisa bailey says:


  • Jim Graham says:

    They are one of the worst, but I think MSNBC is the very worst Race Baiters and continually try to stir up trouble…

  • Gary Martin says:

    Skewe data and only present select black shootings. What about all the black vs. black??

  • Glenn Harrison says:

    Well it is just like the guy on your video report stated,that the media (CNN) are the real culprits involved in dividing the people of the US of A,into different groups ,and therefore,trying to make them oppose one another. I, myself,believe they are guilty of those same tactics a countless amount of times throughout the entire history of the USA,since it began.

  • rodney says:

    they are in the pocket’s of the DNC! they give out false information one sided democratic leftist views. they also back the asswipe in office now who is ruining the country

  • evelyn says:

    Hillary has CNN under her thumb like so many other minions. Do as she says or out comes her black book!

  • mary anderson says:

    I have never been a politics person. I am a minister of the word and I couldn’t figure out how America could become a one world-gov. Now I know. It’s the Hillary Clinton communism campaign that’s taking us their. Why can’t we see that America is voting in as a president nominee a liar. This blows my mind. While she was killing men that had mothers she was taking to hers. I can’t believe this. It’s a wicked generation.

  • jim niedecken says:

    didn’t have to watch this video to know most of the media (not counting Fox) is biased toward liberalism. Dividing the Nation, black against white, poor against wealthy, is their modus-operadi!

  • Jeffrey Revers says:

    Black Lives Matter only want to stir up Race Relations, because if they really cared they would try to stop the VIOLENCE OF BLACK ON BLACK. Stop turning their back on these thugs who have watched too many movies and don’t give a Darn about someone else’s LIFE. It makes me sick to my Stomach hearing about all the innocent Men Women and CHILDREN. I PRAY WE CAN STOP THIS VIOLENCE THAT HAS A VERY HIGH BODY COUNT PEOPLE LOOK AT THE NUMBERS.

  • Mike williams says:

    Mainstream media is a bunch of socialists antagonizers and wanted to try this country in any way they can by distorting history and the facts. CNN and MSNBC do not report the news they report their own agendas which is to support the destruction of the United States of America and distort history

  • Ken Wade says:

    Just like the man said in video. All types of people are supporting Trump but the cnn reporter is to intentionally trying to get the Great American in the red shirt and Trump hat to become a racist!

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