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The Population of Illegal Immigrants in the US Increased by 550,000+ in 2019



Evacuees | The Population of Illegal Immigrants in the US Increased by 550,000+ in 2019 | Featured

In June 2018, President Trump highlighted the issue of illegal immigration by saying: 

“We cannot allow all of these people to invade our Country. When somebody comes in, we must immediately, with no Judges or Court Cases, bring them back from where they came.” 

Now, 17 months later, we find the invasion of illegal immigrants is still a huge problem.

According to a report by the Princeton Policy Advisors, an estimated 550,000 illegal immigrants successfully entered the US in 2019. The group’s president, immigration analyst Steven Kopits, said: 

“The illegal population of the U.S. (if we include asylum seekers in that group) will have increased by 550,000 in FY 2019.”

Admittedly, this is only an estimation, based on analysis of the historical averages, apprehended border crossers, and those who have been rounded up since.

Here’s how the numbers look:

Source: Princeton Policy Advisors

Kopit’s report elaborated, explaining:

“Approximately 852,000 persons were apprehended entering the U.S. southwest border illegally in FY 2019. Of these, roughly 550,000 were children traveling alone or children and adults in family groups. News reports indicate that approximately 50,000 of this group were deported to holding camps in Mexico under the Migrant Protection Protocol. 

Of those remaining in the U.S., we estimate that 70% were released into the U.S. interior pending status hearings, for example, the adjudication of asylum claims. We have been unable to find actual release rates from CBP, thus this number could be low or high and is subject to delays from the time of apprehension to release.”

Acting commissioner for the Customs and Border Protection (CPB), Mark Morgan, also said more than 150,000 illegal immigrants were suspected to have escaped capture at the border: “These are numbers that no immigration system in the world can handle.”

Even worse, this is considered a conservative estimate.

And to top it all off, President Trump is being continuously undermined in the fulfillment of his promises to reduce illegal immigration. 

If it’s not fake attacks against Trump and witch hunts trying to distract the population, the Democrats slow down construction of the border wall by intentionally limiting funding.

And now we’re seeing the results.

Yet liberals, like Presidential Election Candidate Bernie Sanders, claim immigration isn’t a threat to our national security. They even want to demolish Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocol.

But if we look at the evidence from the Princeton Policy Advisors report again, we see the Migrant Protection Protocol is actually working to limit the number of illegal immigrants flooding our country.

Without it, the estimated population of 550,000 invaders would be bigger by at least 50,000 more.

In the meantime, as voiced by the CPB’s deputy commissioner, Robert Perez, illegal immigrants are “profiting off the backs of this vulnerable population, and that’s why it’s still a crisis.”

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  • Michael Wilson says:

    This Illegal Invasion needs to be stopped. All of these Illegal Invaders need to be sent home. If caught in The United States Illegally 1st time and deported you can not return for 5 years. If you get caught Illegally in The United States from the commission of an additional crime, deported for 10 years. If caught Illegally in The United States during the commission of a serious crime or multiple Illegal Invasions, Deport after serving sentence and no reentry for 25 years.
    This Illegal Invasion needs to be dealt with. Build the wall.

  • Bill says:

    It’s not right, we should be taking care of the veterans and homeless and hungry.

    I know lots of illegals- they come here take jobs send money to their country and than return. I don’t understand if it’s so bad why do they return?

  • Linda Miller says:

    These people have no respect for this country or her citizens. They just want to come here and take. They have no intention of actually becoming citizens. They are pushy and arrogant and I don’t want them here. They are a drain on this country. They were also a drain on the countries they left.

  • Lisa Peeler says:

    Makes me sick ! This us our country not theirs. Keep them out…

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