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The View’s War On Intelligence



Rand Paul went onto the View on Wednesday to give one of the most intelligent rebukes to Obama's executive action on gun control that I have scene. Naturally the View was the View so he had to wade through the most uneducated liberal questions you can imagine. The worst being Whoopi Goldberg who couldn't understand or accept that automatic weapons are already banned in America. Rand Pual, showing a superhuman amount of restraint, calmly explains the difference between automatic and semi-automatic. However, Whoopi just doesn't get it.

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  • Dan in Colorado says:

    Perfect question to Whoopi:
    “what kind of gun do you have?” If she claimed that it’s not an “automatic” but a revolver,
    then ask “why do you need 6 shots in that gun?”

    What if a conservative President bans all Democrat liberals from owning firearms?

  • Nottaturk says:

    Wonder what kind of firearm Whoopi owns.

  • mona callender says:

    I’m sorry but every gun is a automatic weapon or an assault weapon. its not the gun that is deadly its the person who holds the gun that whoopee should be worried about….idiot…a knife is a assault weapon….a car is an assault weapon….its the person who is in control of the item.

  • TurtleDove says:

    No. 1 She (Whoopi cushion) is as dumb as dog squeeze (and looks like it too!)
    No. 2 This show got an award? Really? For what. Stupidist dog squeez on the planet? Shows you what a bunch of idiots the America Libs are.
    No. 3 NEVER listen or believe ANYTHING the Whoopi cushion says.
    No.4 Why does she have god turds hanging from the top of her head?

  • TurtleDove says:

    No. 4 should read DOG turds. Please correct or add a edit button. Thank you!

  • Richard Bond says:

    I agree with Rand Pail.

  • Jerry says:

    To the majority of responses on this subject as well as those on the View and the congressman from Kentucky….You are ALL wrong in one way or another.
    1. Fully automatic weapons are NOT designed for murdering people. They are designed to fire fully automatic ( one pull of the trigger continues to fire until released or out of ammo ) for suppression fire in combat so that your forces may advance on the enemy and kill them. Killing and murder are not the same thing. That’s why the bible states ” Thall shall not Murder” not thall shall not kill.
    2. Yes civilians in America can and do still legally buy and own fully automatic weapons provided they complete the required federal forms, pay the required tax and pay the rather high cost of the weapon itself to the seller whom must have the correct FFL ( Class 3 ) license to transfer said types of weapons. ALL class 3 weapons are required to go thru a fully licensed dealer without exception.
    3. Criminals rarely use automatic weapons to commit crimes. I’m 56 years old and can honestly only remember one time criminals used automatic weapons and they were the only ones killed. ( This happened in the communist state of California! Go figure!!! )
    4. Just a note to all……Emotions are a poor influence in the making of Laws. History proves this a thousand times. Liberals prove this each and every time they share an opinion about the constitutions language.

  • Mr Randy says:

    The View typical dumbed down, sheeple and lemmings as Hosts, along with their Hand Picked, Dumbed Down, sheeple and lemmings audiences We should not expect any less from the Cooperate media. They have sold their soul to the NWO. With their NDC contracts as far as WHO is really calling the content, every day, what the subject matter is going to be, it is destructive to OUR LIBERTIES. The View is a, and all corporate TV, a single cell, parasite , blood sucking leach, always looking for a convent orifice to attach itself to a Sheeple or lemming and spread the Liberal Progressive disease to brain wash them into thinking that the Federal Government is going to solve all our lLIBERTY issues. When they all ready have been through, the signing of The Declaration Of Independence and the Adoption of The Constitution Of The United States Of America. A Good place to start is to read the second paragraph of The Declaration Of Independence concerning this episode.

  • 2004done says:

    I understand what goildberg is saying: No-One can have what WE say you can’t have, even though she probably has a “fully automatic 1911.”
    Ignorance is cheap, and it shows .

  • argile says:

    she and ones like her are aliens. George Washington said it best. I am not going to do yer job fer ya giving ya talking points when yer getting paid and I am not. and I am a lot smarter than ya.

  • Carolyn Hunter says:

    I’m not sure if the agree is with the “view” or does

  • Roy says:

    I agreeeeee

  • If they are out ther then i want an opportunity to own one also. says:


  • Rick says:

    Who in the world would even want to listen to a line up of a group of communist like this in the first place. Paul must be real desperate to sit down with the PMS squad.

  • Betty Armstrong says:

    Asking the view about intelligence???? They have none, as they are bought and paid for by the libaturds.

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