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This Refugee Wouldn’t Last Long In America



An angry refugee goes on a terrifying rant to an old man on a bus in Sweden. He claims he will kill ten people, one for every year he has been there. His rant escalates to him saying that he fought with the Taliban in Afghanistan and goes on to say he wants to eat people. This behavior would last long on an American bus and I am sad to see how tolerant the people around him are.

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  • Darwin Reyes says:

    Such a very narrow-minded idiot. I wonder whatever happened to the viking blood of those swedes. If that was here, people would have kick him till he spilled his guts out. Go back to were you came from. It’s pretty obvious these people who rants such ideals doesn’t have a damn clue on what is life all about on this planet. He blames his misery on innocent people. Pathetic stupid AH.

  • tom says:

    Evil that is presented in this person who lives on the kindness of the country, shows no responsibility except to insult those around him. Evil wins when good does nothing and the good will fade from society if they just let this type of action continue. Stand up for your rights! Defend your freedoms and way of life or else it will be taken away from you.

  • this individual is under the influence of something other than his own thoughts and should not be free to threaten the general public

  • Floyd says:

    I don’t think people would put up with some thing like this !!!!!

  • pete pistole says:

    He is bitter but you don’t come to USA and act like that !! Do that here and get corrected for your attitude ! GOD BLESS THE USA !!!!

  • Ray says:

    Because we have guns

  • Eugene Favetti says:

    Because most people would not tolerate his ravings !

  • Diane says:

    That idiot accused the Swedes of rape and pedophilia. It was not ok with him. But, I suppose it is ok with him that the alpha hotels in Syria and Iraq rape repeatedly and believe it is their duty to do that. There is much evil in this world and the guy in the video exudes it. He should have been arrested for threatening to kill people. I hope it was all talk and no action.

  • David Gimbel says:

    His Muslim ideology belief system has been
    killing his people, long before America or Europe became countries. The values between
    Muslim culture, and western culture, simply don’t mix well, and that’s due to the Muslims
    belief of the Quran. I believe the Quran is poisoning the minds of millions of followers,
    who follow this political ideology called Islam,
    it creates hatred for those who will not submitt to Islam, and become Muslim. Why follow a religion or ideology, that tells you
    to harm and kill other human beings, who
    won’t follow a belief? That in it’s self, makes
    anyone a danger to humanity, who believes and follows the instructions on how to deal with infidels taught in the Quran.

  • Camille says:

    He is nuts!

  • Ervin says:

    I,m from Canada,Here you are supposed too tolerate this kind of un thankfull evil slim.
    That is why the re-enginneering of culture in society
    and importing of satanic evil does not work.
    It’s a failed experiment by the Godless PTB
    and Government CRats.

  • Dennis D. says:

    he is menacing and threatening to the other bus riders.

  • Daren Theige says:

    Right-wingers tend to forget something called “Freedom of Speech” in this Country. And THEY claim to be the Constitutionalists!!!! LMFAO!!!!

    • Russell says:

      He can rant all he wants but the minute he tries to harm someone We will stomp his ass into Paste.
      And YES, I was there during and after Desert Storm. We let most of them run free and what do we get for it? Attacks in the night by women and children wired with bombs by those morons.
      ISLAM is a unholy Farce, I have read the book. It is clearly written by a sadistic pedophile to please himself.
      4 wives plus a temporary wife for one hour? A Prostitute for your pleasure then? Some Holy Man.
      Women and for children and boys are for pleasure? So you think, Pedophile.

      Satan was given dominion over Earth after Jesus died. That is who spoke to Mohammed, Not Gabriel.
      Gabriel would never say such unholy things.

      Msgt, USAF, Ret.

  • ed says:

    Because the left wing, liberal, PC base in this country would welcome him and let him thrive here even though he hates the US and vows to kill us! That is why he would be able to survive here. Very sad state of affairs in this country now.

  • Name says:

    hes an asshole

  • Khalil M Niazy says:

    Where did the majority of Americans came from??? you were refugees escaping from the european tyrrany and injustice.

    • just-a-thinker says:

      That’s why WE had liberty and Muslims do not and never have had. Unfortunately, we’ve allowed our government to become tyrannical like yours, and that of much of Europe. And, don’t ry giving me that BS that Islam is only a religion; it is complete tyranny of all aspects of life, exactly as the idiot in the video both says and demonstrates.

  • Matt says:

    He’s likely looking for a moment to launch an attack somewhere. He should either be denied entry into the US or shot in his forehead several times by someone with an AR15. At the very least watched. These kind of pissed off “refugees” are carefully waiting to attack. Someone please snipe him before he has an opportunity to act on killing these ten people he wishes to kill. Coward.

  • +deano says:

    cause the liberals will bend the whole country over for this man and let him screw us and give him a place to stay, food card , money, even a job if hes interested ,mean while he will plot our doom

  • Bob Brown says:

    The Swedes were dumbed down and emasculated by years of Feminist Marxism, taught in their schools and even in churches. Most West Europeans have been subjected to psychological operations that were formulated in London’s TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE FOR HUMAN RELATIONS, the place where Sigmund Freud and his nephew Edward “Propaganda” Bernays taught educators, journalists, and marketers to use mass psychology to deceive, trick, pressure, and coerce whole populations into submission. It may be too late for the Europeans, and a vicious form of nationalism alone can save them. The last time this was tried, though, the US Air Force intervened to make the world safe for communism. TAVISTOCK brainwashing is highly effective. Stop watching television. Why do you think you buy products that sicken you and elect career criminals and their puppets?

  • Greg says:

    Instead of blaming everyone for his and his countries problems, he should be glad he is fed and safe. It’s assholes like this that make it hard for everyone to live in peace.

  • Rick says:

    This son of a dog should striped of his flesh and hung out to dry and if he were around the people i know in the southern US he would not ever again be able to talk garbage.

  • Sue Ann says:

    I disagree with your comment because there are too many US citizens who would sit there just like those on that bus. I would not… I would argue with him, but would probably be ignored since I am a woman. I disagree with all of these refugees being allowed to come into our country for us to ‘take care of them’… I believe most of them would be like this man, complain about everything – even after 10 years… What has he done to become a useful citizen of Sweden in 10 years?

  • Mac User says:

    His views closely align with the Democratic Leftist views in America. I’m referring to the militant trash that started the “Black Lives Matter” campaign and fueled all of the recent riots.

  • Name says:


  • Steve says:

    He is making terroristic threats and should be prosecuted in the U.S.

  • charles says:

    He’s a idiot

  • deedee says:

    I’m a 66 year old lady and even I would cuff that little shit and toss him off the bus. What an obnoxios fool he is.

  • Ken tranter says:

    It’s their warlord dictators that control their destiny! Their hatred is fueled by their own greed, the eyes of a person are the windows to their souls, lost souls they are. Too bad I wasn’t on the bus I would’ve made it stop and thrown him off. Ignorance is bliss with people like this! Also ignorance does not mean stupid, it means to be clueless….uninformed.

  • sochocinsky says:

    this guy is just a a–h—and a jerkf he don’t like where hes at MOVE

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