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This Is How Bernie Sanders Supporters Think



For a satire video, CollegeHumor gets this one-hundred percent right on Bernie Sanders supporters.

This video explains the hoops that have to be jumped through by delusional Bernie Sanders supporters who still somehow think he is going to come out on top. The man simply can't win without a massive miracle taking place and him sweeping pretty much every contest left.

With math this bad, it is no wonder that his supports can't see how his economic plans just do not work. Of course, that should really come as no surprise since they are all unemployed liberal arts majors.

Sanders was the best option the Democratic party had to run against Hillary Clinton, a woman who should be about as unelectable as they get. Yet with all the scandals and free attack ads that her opponent would be able to use, it was Bernie Sanders. Who in the end was even crazier and less likeable (somehow).

Interestingly enough, Hillary Clinton has alienated Sanders supporters so much that many claim they won't vote for her. While he can't win, he has still organized a large amount of the Democratic party voters to his side and without their support it is unlikely that she will have the votes to move into the White House.

So maybe Bernie Sanders stopped Hillary after all. Either way, his supporters are set to ‘feel the bern.”

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  • Earl says:

    Earl because hilliary is nothing but a dam lier and trader

  • Daren D. Theige says:

    Bernie Sanders has accomplished the IMPOSSIBLE!! Coming from being virtually unknown to the Public a year ago to actually WINNING the Nomination for President!!! The only thing stopping him is the underhanded Democratic Party who has obviously intervened in “fixing” the results in every Primary State, that is easy to see when compared to Caucus States where Bernie has WON every contest by huge margins!! Bernie Sanders has made an indelible imprint on American Politics and I can guarantee you that you have NOT seen the last of Bernie Sanders!!!!

  • Bill says:

    if Right Wingers get their dreams to come true and Hillary gets indicted then Sanders gets nominated

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