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Thousands Displaced As Louisiana Has Historic Flood



  • Louisiana has been hit with massive amounts of flooding over the past week as over thirty inches of rain have pelted down onto the state.
  • Over 20,000 people have been rescued from the rising waters, 12,000 are being held in shelters.
  • 200 roads are completely submerged under water, and 1,400 bridges are closed and waiting to be inspected.
  • Governor John Bel Edwards has claimed that this has been a historic level of flooding for the state.

A federal emergency has been declared in Louisiana by President Barack Obama, as the sea continues to rise up and swallow the state. The massive flash flooding in Louisiana is being considered a historic event. More than 20,000 people have been rescued from the rising tide, 12,000 are in shelters, and at the moment, six have been pronounced dead.

It has been reported by authorities that over 500 pets have been rescued from the flooding.

According to Gov. John Bel Edwards, over 40,000 businesses and homes are secluded in darkness without power. He also claims that people are still being rescued out of their homes in the worst areas around Baton Rouge.

Curfews have also been put into effect, as of Sunday night, to help emergency crews get a grasp on the situation.

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Over thirty inches of rain has fallen onto Louisiana last week, which was the cause of the massive flooding. Watson, Louisiana got the worst of it, receiving 31.4 inches of rain. Edwards told ABC News “Good Morning America,” that Louisiana has had “historic levels of rivers rising.”

President Obama met with Governor John Edwards on Sunday to discuss the next step for the state. The White House Press Secretary Jen Friedman said, “His prayers are with the people of Louisiana, and that his Administration will continue to support the state's ongoing recovery.”

Supposedly, the worst of the rain is now over, however, if any rain happens in the next few days the flash flooding will continue. The rivers and water levels continue to swell and aren't expected to stop for the next two days.

In a number of shelters, people are sleeping on the floor because the shortage of cots from the rising number of homeless citizens. However, the shelters themselves aren't impenetrable to the flooding, and a number of people have been moved because of rising water inside the shelters.

Officers, schools, and government buildings have been closed because certain roads are completely submerged underwater. Nearly 200 roads are closed and 1,400 bridges are waiting for inspection before reopening them to the public.

For years scientists have been concerned of the flooding risks that threaten Louisiana. The constantly rising sea level and the low altitude of the state make it the extremely vulnerable to flooding. Unfortunately, the scientists fear were correct.

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