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‘Trump 2020’ Sign Stolen From Navy Veteran’s Home

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Trump 2020 banner with US flag| 'Trump 2020' Sign Stolen From Navy Veteran's Home | Featured

U.S. Navy veteran Lendon Bendix’s “Trump 2020” flag was stolen over the last weekend. “To have something like this happen is just crazy” he said on “Fox & Friends First.”

“Surveillance video shows two people walk up to the flag pole. They grab the flag, pulling on it, and the pole snaps back into place and the two people take off running,” reported Fox 35. Once the suspects grab the flag, they are seen on video running away.

Bendix said he felt “absolutely violated.” “I served our country. I have two sons that are serving our country right now. And I flew those flags in the beginning because there were people who were afraid to voice their support for President Trump, so I raised those flags about nine months ago” he said.

According to Bendix, his neighbors started raising flags showing support for the president about three months later.

“I felt since I own that property, in which I do own that property and I pay taxes on the property, I have a right to express my opinion and that’s exactly what I did and my neighbors felt the same way so when the flag was stolen, I felt absolutely violated,” Bendix said.

Bendix added that he had received strong reactions from people passing by his flags before. “In fact, he said that during his local Fox interview about the theft, someone drove by and yelled ‘vulgarities’ about Trump,” reported Fox News.

He added that despite the theft, he is planning to add even more flags.

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