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Trump After Lewandowski: It’s A Brand New Campaign



  • After Trump fired Lewandowski he claims he is ready for a “different kind of campaign.”
  • Apparently Manafort said that if Trump did not dump Lewandowski then he would leave his campaign.
  • Trump's daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared convinced Trump that he needed Manafort to win.

After Trump recently fired his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski we were all waiting for him to say that he is ready to run a “different kind of campaign.” Well Monday, he did just that.

Donald Trump went on the O'Reilly show to talk with its host Bill O'Reilly about the positive things that Corey Lewandowski has done for his campaign. He called Lewandowski a “good man” who had helped him a lot in his campaign. He said he helped him run a “small, well-unified campaign.” Yet now, Trump is looking for something different.

“We're going to go a different route,” Trump said to Bill O'Reilly.

This is a new phase of the election and it requires a new type of campaigning. He plans to hunker down and increase his campaign operations as the general elections slowly comes from over the horizon. He said that he may even have some cabinet picks before the Republican National Convention in July.

The conversation went from Trumps campaign to his views on guns, as all interviews do. O'Reilly asked if Trump would consider restricting guns based not only on their size but also on the number of rounds that they fire. Trump's response was simply that the “big guns” are the kind used by “the enemy.”

“I wouldn't because it's a question of protection,” Trump said. “Once you start, where do you end?”

Apparently Manafort sent a message to Trump, through a third party, saying that if he did not get rid of Lewandowski he would be gone in the next 48 hours. It's safe to say that Manafort was tired of competing with Lewandowski for control.

To make matters more confusing, that is when Trump's family got involved. Ivanka, Trumps daughter, and her husband Jared Kushner gave their two cents on the situation. They did not think that losing Manafort was the right decision. He is the only person on the team that has the amount of knowledge needed to lead the campaign to a victory. They obviously convinced Trump to keep Manafort, which meant goodbye to Lewandowski.

Although Lewandowski had caused some controversy in Trumps campaign, he was his closest and most trusted advisor, so I am sure the split was not easy.

No matter what the reasoning was behind Trump's firing of him, it is clear to see that the Trump administration is on a new path to victory.

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