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Press all Over Trump During Biden’s Global Meltdowns



Press all Over Trump During Biden's Global Meltdowns -ss-Featured

U.S. President Joe Biden is currently facing a myriad of global problems. These problems range from ordering a diplomatic boycott of the upcoming Beijing Olympics next year to giving a warning to Russia’s Vladimir Putin against the invasion of Ukraine. However, more media outlets have decided to cover happenings in Trump World.

Additionally, he also has to deal with problems like the omicron variant of COVID, rising inflation, supply shortages, and other issues that call for the government to intervene. Also, Biden has o worry about whether Democrats would pass his proposed social spending bill worth $2 trillion before Christmas or at all.

Although, developments connected to former President Trump seem to be stealing Biden’s spotlight.

Trump has generated a lot of buzz for a former president over a year following his defeat in the election – which is still a major point of contention among Trump’s supporters.

Synergy exists between Trump’s determination to still be talked about in the news and the media outlets that one can see in every development.

The former president remains to be newsworthy due to being a dominant figure in the Republican Party. He is also trying to eliminate non-loyalists in the midterm elections and he might even run for the presidency again in 2024.

However, investigative machinery seems to continue shadowing Trump with the Democrat-dominated Jan. 6 committee at its helm.

The events related to that committee and what called for its creation alone have generated a steady influx of headlines.

Trump’s former chief of staff Mark Meadows had agreed to be interviewed by the said pane. However, according to Meadow’s lawyer, who spoke to Fox on Tuesday, he will stop cooperating based on disputes regarding the things covered by executive privilege and the panel’s push on reviewing his mobile phone records.

Meanwhile, a couple of key figures, namely former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark and the person who penned the memo suggesting that Mike Pence could reject a few Electoral College results, John Eastman, have decided to plead the fifth.

Also, the DOJ under the Biden administration managed to obtain an indictment against Steve Bannon for going against a subpoena. However, this move didn’t seem to make anyone cooperate.

Although, Pence’s former chief of staff, Mark Short, decided to cooperate, as those who subscribe to Pence World have a different view compared to Trump’s supporters.

Even though the Capitol riot can only be described as something within the line of “awful,” many journalists are aggressively pushing for the idea that the former president could succeed the next time it happened.

Some headlines like the Atlantic’s “Trump’s Next Coup Has Already Begun” cover story have surfaced.

Meanwhile, Jamelle Bouie from the New York Times is trying to warn people by saying, “The Trump Conspiracy Is Hiding in Plain Sight.”

Going back to Meadows – he released a book that divulged that the former president’s oxygen levels dropped to dangerously low numbers when he caught COVID last year. A CNN analyst even proclaimed that Trump was “in danger of dying.”

Meadows’ book was titled “The Chief’s Chief,” and it revealed that Trump tested positive for the disease just three days prior to his first debate against Biden. Meadows soon echoed his former boss’ “fake news” claim because his book indicated that two negative tests soon followed. However, Trump did go to Walter Reed just three days following the said debate.

This claim pushed the Washington Post to do a deep dive on the over 500 people that the former president came into contact with during the week following his initial test. With this, some say Trump felt betrayed by Meadows, similar to how he did after books of his former aides like Stephanie Grisham and John Bolton got published.

On top of this, even more news related to Trump has surfaced. This piece of news is the resignation of Devin Nunes from Congress to serve as the CEO of Trump’s new media company and fight against online “censorship.”

This move s significant as Nunes has been in line to head a Republican House’s Ways and Means Committee.

However, this puts a spotlight on yet another investigation as Federal regulators are seeking a probe into the proposed merger between the former president’s firm and a shell company that was created to make it public.

Trump discussed this with his former spokesman Sean Spicer on Newsmax, describing the SEC investigation as a “witch hunt” that may result in “pure communism” in the U.S.

On top of this, an investigation into the Trump Organization is still ongoing. This probe was supposed to be a harbinger of trouble after CFO Allen Weisselberg had been charged. However, so far, no trouble for the organization has happened.

In government, Biden has revealed his new plan to crack down on financial corruption. However, a large portion of the media is still devoted to writing about everything related to Trump, likely missing the clicks, page hits, and ratings that the former president brought.

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  • Tony Barreda says:

    In the American Patriotic Court of Public Opinion with over 300 millions in the jury, it is a unanimous verdict that those not willing to cooperate with Commitee investigating the attack on Democracy are guilty as all hell. Guilty in being complicit, guilty of lying, guilty of obstruction, and guilty of treason.

  • The professor says:

    First of all Trump did not lose the election …. Second it’s not COVID-19 it’s not coronavirus it’s not on the corn … it’s the communist Chinese virus it came from China grow a pair of balls and say it’s the communist Chinese virus you pussies keep saying COVID-19 you’re afraid you’re afraid of your own effing shadow ….they are effing communist do you know how many people….their own people…. they have killed in the last 20 years… it’s a Chinese holocaust … and sleepy Joe has pictures taken of him having a cocktail with China’s president …. and why hasn’t the news media put the screws to Hunter and Hillary and Bill Clinton we are slowly being transformed into Sheeple …. make sure your guns are clean and you have plenty of ammo ….remember what happened at Pearl Harbor. &9/11……I asked my godson the other day when was D-Day he didn’t know…that’s what they teach them in school not to know things

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    Let’s go BRANDON

  • Branden Oconnell says:

    “Those who plead the fifth are guilty “
    – Donald J. Trump
    But the question that is being asked that they are pleading the fifth to is treason there should be no protection for these traitors hang them high for the world to see!! Same with all those who speak of civil war… our forefathers stomped out rebellion with swift merciless justice why have we gotten so soft on traitors lately have we forgotten the lesson the last civil war showed us… but I am calm we know how the last civil war ended and it worked out for us in the end of it starts again the results will be the same

  • Sam says:

    Everyone lovea Trump
    Especially Branden Oconnell. I bey he has a dildo with Trumps face on it. Glad you brought up trwason and the civil war. The first applies to the current administration and the second applies to an ugly, ugly war where democrats fought to preserve slavery, and even expand it west. The same party that created the kkk, that’a why they always call everyone else a racist
    Hell, even biden was a supporter of Robert Byrd and George Wallace the segregationist. Always trying to fade the lines and erase their ugly history. But they still continue their racist policies, killing minorities with their lifelong welfare programs! Hell the current resident even compared african american children to cockroaches that would “invade and overrun school systems.” Gotta love that one! Enjoy your Trump dildo and your racistpolitical party!💋

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