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Trump Gives London The Finger



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  • Trump doesn’t think that he and the U.K. Prime Minister, David Cameron, are going to get along if he becomes the next president.
  • Cameron made comments earlier that Donald Trump was “divisive, stupid, and wrong” for calling for a temporary ban on Muslims.
  • Trump also commented about upcoming referendum for Britain to leave EU, saying that if he were from Britain he would want to leave as well.

Donald Trump said he is unlikely to have a good relationship with U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron if he becomes the next U.S. president because of Mr. Cameron’s earlier criticism of him.

“It looks like we’re not going to have a very good relationship, who knows,” Mr. Trump said in an interview with ITV News, which aired Monday.

Mr. Cameron’s spokesman responded that the prime minister stood by earlier comments that Mr. Trump, the likely Republican presidential nominee, was “divisive, stupid and wrong” for calling for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the U.S.

He added, however, that Mr. Cameron would work with whoever is president and said he was committed to maintaining the special relationship between the U.K. and the U.S.

He also said criticism from Sadiq Khan, London’s newly elected mayor and the first Muslim to hold the job, was nasty and offensive. Mr. Khan had called the Republican presidential nominee’s view of Islam ignorant and said his comments make both the U.K. and the U.S. less safe.

“I think they’re very rude statements and frankly, tell him I will remember those statements,” Mr. Trump said.

With Britain, less than six weeks away from a national referendum on whether to stay in the European Union or leave, Mr. Trump in the interview called the 28-member bloc bureaucratic and difficult.

“I think it if I were from Britain, I would probably not want it. I’d want to go back to a different system,” Mr. Trump said.


Mr. Trump’s comments come as more than 300 business leaders called for Britain to leave the EU, saying EU regulations have undermined the competitiveness of U.K. businesses. In a letter published in the Daily Telegraph, the business leaders said British businesses will grow faster and create more jobs if the U.K. exits the bloc.

Boris Johnson, former mayor of London and one of the key politicians campaigning for a British exit from the bloc, on Monday said the EU was like a pair of underwear, or “knickers,” that didn’t fit.

”It makes me think of some badly designed undergarment that has now become too tight in some places–far too tight, far too constrictive–and dangerously loose in other places,” Mr. Johnson said.

On the other side of the debate, Treasury Chief George Osborne on Monday said that reports in the past few days from the Bank of England and International Monetary Fund made very clear that Brexit would have high economic costs. Fitch Ratings also weighed in Monday, saying a British exit from the EU would weigh on other EU economies and increase political risks in Europe.

“Leaving the EU is a one-way ticket to a poorer Britain,” Mr. Osborne said in a speech at Stansted Airport, northeast of London. He said leaving the EU and falling back on the default World Trade Organization rules would be disastrous for the economy.

Mr. Cameron, in a Monday op-ed in the Daily Mirror newspaper, said a British exit from the EU would devalue the British pound and therefore make the price of imported food more expensive for people.

“It’s my steadfast belief leaving Europe would be a national error,” he said.

Source: The Wall Street Journal


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  • Tammy says:

    London doesn’t like Trump for speaking out against refugees but Trump was right here London how do you like your refugees now you’re causing quite the stir there are they yeah but what’s happening in Germany raping hurting females everywhere they have no respect for any question any other religion but their own but yet they want to criticize Trump trump is right London will regret having those refugees there soon enough I think they already are

  • Jeanne Ballard says:

    I agree with Trump because he sees the world like the rest of the sane people in America do. Islam is BAD for this country .It is a culture we do not want here!

  • Steven says:

    The evil Muslims are the only religion that preaches murdering of the innocents! It is they who should be wiped out! Every man, woman and child!

  • KEITH S. BROWN says:


  • used to be a liberal says:

    I hope that is not a photo-shopped picture. It is about time that some-one stood up, took a stand, and said it like it is. I hope Cameron is offended, and runs to a safe space, then sees a shrink. If this is a real picture, not taken out of context of something else, then good, looking foreword to more.

  • Richard A Raymer says:

    They are big boy’s. They can take care of themselves from now on. No protection, no foreign aid. no financial help from the US. They need to build up their own military.

  • Charles says:

    Cameron has no right telling the world that American people picked a “stupid” person to lead us. He needs to understand that his policy of allowing the muslem invasion has led to the destruction of the British nation.

  • Linda Crowe says:

    The UK has given over to Muslims for one thing.This will be their downfall for sure. We do not want islam here demanding that we do their will.Evil cult, not a religion.

  • James says:


  • edmund ross says:

    London should mind it`s busness

  • Ray says:

    England is wrong for letting in all those muzzies, they are nothing but trouble, why don’t they go to a Muslim country where they belong.

  • sam paris says:

    They were stupid in the 1700’s and even more stupid today. Don’t bitch about our muslims. Take all you want.

  • Frank says:

    Mr. Trump is correct in his statment.

  • Tom Heinz says:

    London with a Muslim mayor—right on Donnald

  • Bobby Husby says:

    Because Muslins are against the christen nations and ever were they have been allowed to enter becomes a way zone!

  • florance mccarthy says:

    the English think that they are the answer for civilization,but they are not.

  • Norma Herfurth says:

    I agree with Donald Trump –we do not need a Muslim mayor telling America what to do..

  • jeff kleven says:

    remember your actions will haunt you

  • JPerillo says:

    you cannot comment till you walk in someome’s shoes. Muslims traveling to these troubled areas of the world should be vetted thoroughly, before being allowed to re-enter the US

  • Raymond Thibault SFC, USA Retired says:

    Foreign countries have no business in American Politics. We are not part of the United Kingdom. Remember 1776.

  • Greg says:

    For all we’ve done for England they should be kissing Trump’s ass

  • Daren D. Theige says:

    Mr. Trump has already shown that he has no depth of understanding when it comes to Foreign relations. He is no more fit to be President the the Janitor at your local Wendy’s….

  • Mike Beason says:

    Because trump has run his mouth to mutch

  • Milagros says:

    Because they are arrogant, PC, SOBS! They are weak and fallen, taken over by muslims and sharia! They deserve what they have now!

  • Lowell John 1939 says:

    I Doubt if the “Photo” pertains to this Issue?
    However, the various Liberals & Conserva-
    tives of the United Kingdom have made Many Bad Mistakes since WWII, except for the late, P.M. Margaret Thatcher. F.D.R. did
    Choose a Large Group of Winning Generals
    & Admirals to Lead my maternal uncles &
    paternal cousins to Victory in WWII. He also
    Dropped Henry Wallace as V.P. in favor of a
    WWI Captain of Artillery, Harry S. Truman. HST did send/drop a Uranium A-Bomb on
    Hiroshima and the Plutonium A-Bomb on Nagasaki. If you are a Scholar of the Military
    History Channel and the American Heroes Channel, you will learn that our TERRIBLE
    Marine CASUALTIES at Iwo Jima and HORRIBLE Marine-Army-Navy CASUALTIES at Okinawa vs. Lack of Success of Curtis Lemay’s Carpet Bombing of Japan left No Doubt of the Necessity for Ultimate Force Against Japan.
    My Daddy Hated both F.D.R. and H.S.T. and
    so did I until I learned more about the History of.WWII. (I Capitalize lots of words because my little old computer does Not allow underlining).

  • Gerry says:

    Who the hell is the mayor of London to make any statement concerning our government. Oh wait –I forgot– the new mayor of London and our fraud president are 1 of the same — radical muslim scumbags. Trump should give them more than the finger.

  • DUKE says:

    Cameron is a schmuck. London has lots its mind electing a muslim mayor. England is asking for big trouble with these 2 bozos.

  • Tina says:

    Because London was being an ass-hole saying they would not deal with a man who will be our next President.

  • Omega 2 says:

    CAMERON has no room to preach to any body after helping to over load the U K with the ISLAMIC SLIME which in turn will destroy the rest of the British Empire!

  • Omega 2 says:

    CAMERON has no room to preach to any body after helping to over load the U K with the ISLAMIC SLIME which in turn will destroy the rest of the British Empire!

  • Michael Pichette says:

    Muslims want to take over the world they sneak in as good guys then start their evil plots

  • Joe says:

    I don’t know what happened to the British people but they are actually letting their country be taken over by muslims that hate them. If you say anything that may hurt a muslims feelings you go to jail. They have become so politically correct that they might as well just shoot themselves. What a bunch of cowards! During WW2 would the British government have allowed Germans to immigrate into their country even after the said that Nazi sabatores would be among the immigrants

  • robert k. link says:

    Mr.Trump is my kind of leader.HE IS A “KICK ASS & take names” kind of leader I respect.After living with this “wimp” for to long,we,the people, are entitled!

  • Joe says:

    Trump. FINALLY a president not afraid of the EU. It’s about time we didn’t worry about Europe, and their French type of Muslim lovers. how does the terrorist attack feel now.

  • FuzzyLee says:

    ..Altho I support the Donald, this not a very Diplomatic of a discourse…

  • Gregory J. Kuhl says:

    England has never been our friend, or ally. Before England was getting their “butt kicked” by Germany, they had already had detailed plans for their invasion of the U.S.!

  • marshall says:

    The fucking muslim in London needs to stay out of America’s business.

  • Larry Krum says:

    I think England needs us more than we need them.

  • Joanne says:

    London has already let too many of these supposed ‘peaceful Muslims’ in and they are already starting to bite the hand that feeds them. I won’t go back for a visit..

  • Robert Huebner says:

    London has no right to tell the U.S. how to do anything after they elected a muslim as a mayor.

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