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Trump Hints at Kim Jong Un’s Health



President of United States | Trump Hints at Kim Jong Un's Health | Featured

President Trump hinted on Monday that he has inside knowledge of Kim Jung Un’s health status. This implies that there is something to the rumors that the dictator of North Korea is in poor health. However, Trump opted not to fill the media in, while South Korea insists there is no truth to the rumors. 

“I Have a Very Good Idea”

Donald Trump titillated reporters with news that he has special information regarding the health of the North Korean leader Kim Jung Un. However, he stopped short of letting the press know what he had learned. His comments follow a whirlwind of rumors regarding Kim’s health. All of these rumors came about due to his recent disappearance from the public eye and rumors of heart surgery.

Asked directly on Monday about the leader’s health, Trump replied:

“Yes I do have a very good idea; I can’t talk about it now…

I hope he’s fine, I do know how he’s doing, you’ll probably be hearing in the not too distant future,” Trump added.

The president’s comments imply that there is indeed something unusual happening with the reclusive leader; something that will emerge in the coming days.

President Trump went on to celebrate his positive relationship with Kim Jung-un. He asserted that the United States would be at war with North Korea if he weren’t president. Mr. Trump has often touted his diplomatic inroads with the North Korean leader, culminating in historic personal visits in 2018 and 2019.

Recently, however, the relationship has borne less fruit, with the dictator continuing the missile tests that plagued US relations during previous administrations. Both the United States and South Korea have grown impatient with the rogue nation. Although, they have limited options when it comes to direct confrontation. Not only is the country now nuclear-armed, but it almost certainly will have China’s support in the event of a foreign invasion.

Nevertheless, President Trump described the relationship with an optimistic tone on Monday, wishing the leader good health while hinting that rumors to the contrary could be true.

South Korea Pours Water on Health Rumors
South Korea, on the other hand, has been less opaque regarding the health of the Hermit Kingdom’s dictator, insisting that intelligence indicates nothing out of the ordinary.

Presidential foreign policy advisor, Chung-in Moon, said that the rumors regarding his health remain unfounded.

“Kim Jong Un is alive and well,” Moon told Fox News on Sunday. “He has been staying in the Wonsan area since April 13. No suspicious movements have so far been detected.”

The country’s Unification Minister, a position devoted to the eventual reconciliation and integration of the Koreas, confirmed the country’s position. South Korea has ““enough intelligence to confidently say that there are no unusual developments,” he told a closed-door forum on Sunday.

North Korea: The Evil You Know

The reactions in the national security community to the rumors have been mixed. The young despot has continued his late father’s aggressive nuclear program, as well as his barbaric treatment of the people of North Korea. However, he has shown a desire to leave a legacy of legitimacy for the kingdom. He takes pride in achieving a meeting with a US president, and seeking to modernize the nation’s image.

There is no guarantee that, if he dies, Kim’s successor will be any more benevolent than he is. As with all dictatorships, there is also the risk of instability if a clear successor cannot be established. When it comes to a nuclear-armed adversary, many security analysts prefer the evil they know.

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