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Trump Talks Politics In Labor Day Presser



The President of United States of America Donald Trump | Trump Talks Politics In Labor Day Presser | Featured

In a speech on Monday, President Trump took the opportunity to contrast his administration with the Democratic platform, discussing a wide range of issues from foreign policy to the pandemic. He painted a stark image of what America will look like if Biden wins the election.

Mentioning his general election opponent often throughout the speech, Trump made it clear that the press conference was an opportunity to reach out directly to the American people about their choice in November. He spoke for twenty minutes, mentioning his opponent 23 times. Then, he took several questions afterward.

“China Will Own the United States”

As one would expect, Joe Biden earned low marks from the president on foreign policy. He stated that, in line with the bipartisan consensus at the time, Biden naively welcomed China into the international order, only to be taken advantage of by the rising nation.

“Biden cheered China’s rise [as a] great power because great powers adhere to international norms in the areas of non-proliferation, human rights and trade. Well, they didn’t. They took advantage of stupid people, stupid people and Biden’s a stupid person,” condemned Trump.

The president then juxtaposed Biden’s soft approach toward China with his own tough tact toward the country. Few would accuse the president of being too easy on the world’s #2 power. In fact, some argue that his approach is too confrontational and could lead to unintended conflict.

The president also discussed his administration’s actions toward Russia, a country many criticize him for being too soft on. He spoke at length about his support for NATO and his opposition to the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline. The project would then lead to Russia supplying most of Germany’s energy. He also discussed his administration’s provision of heavy arms to Ukraine to help boost their defenses against Russia.

Trump Blasts Democratic Cities

President Trump Delivers Remarks | Trump Talks Politics In Labor Day Presser

The president spoke on the ongoing instability in many Democrat-run cities, blaming liberal leadership for rioting and violent protests. Mentioning Portland and Chicago as examples, he then said that Democrats run ineffective, failed local governments. He described his administration as the only thing standing in the way of nationwide lawlessness.

Tying the idea to China’s preferential treatment as a developing nation, Trump said, “We’re treated as a nation that’s fully developed. We’re not fully developed as far as I’m concerned. When you look around at Portland and you see what these Democrats are doing to our cities, take a look at what’s happening in New York and Chicago.”

Spotlight on November

The purpose of the press conference was abundantly clear: to make the case to America for continued Republican leadership. The president touted his achievements in office, from economics to foreign policy. He discussed deregulation and trade deals as major economic victories. He also defended his tough stance on China as keeping the country in check.

Throughout the speech, he made sure to contrast his values and goals with those of the Democratic platform, painting Biden as a weak, socialist puppet.

With most polls still indicating a tough race for the incumbent, time will tell whether the message reaches American voters.

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