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Lawyers Ask Judge To Keep Trump Tax Records Off-Limits



Businessman & Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump unveiled his plan for comprehensive tax reform | Lawyers Ask Judge To Keep Trump Tax Records Off-Limits | featured

Former President Donald Trump’s lawyers requested a federal judge to prevent the release of the controversial Trump tax records.

They want the courts to block the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service from giving Congress a copy of his tax returns. The lawyers called the Trump tax records the Democrats’ “white whale.”

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Don’t Release The Trump Tax Records

President Donald Trump participates in the signing ceremony of the Abraham Accords-Trump Tax Records

In asking to block the release of Trump tax records, lawyers pointed to the request of House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal (D-MA).

Neal purportedly wanted the returns to examine how the IRS audits American presidents. However, the real reason is simply to look for something that can cause embarrassment for the former president. 

Neal’s House committee sued the Treasury Department during the Trump administration. Once President Joe Biden assumed the office, the department changed its stance.

It agreed to provide Trump’s tax returns. This prompted the committee to withdraw the lawsuit. However, Trump and his lawyers sought to block its release again. 

Why Do Democrats Want Trump Tax Records Out in the Open

The former president’s lawyers remain adamant that Democrats just want to find something they can throw against their client. “No one believes that Chairman Neal requested President Trump's tax returns so he can study legislation about IRS audits. No one.

Chairman Neal admits that this justification was a mere litigation strategy. His fellow Committee-Members don't buy it either,” they said.

But why do Democrats even care what’s inside the Trump tax records? The lawyers believed it’s an offshoot of Trump's refusal to voluntarily disclose his tax returns, which is nothing wrong.

“Anyone who's paid even minimal attention to American politics understands what's happening here: President Trump did not voluntarily disclose his tax returns during the campaign, his political opponents assume the information would damage him, and so his opponents want to force the disclosure.”

IRS Audits Tax Returns of Presidents

Meanwhile, the IRS maintains a longstanding policy requiring audits of a president's tax returns. This allows them to relieve employees on deciding if the President’s taxes require further reviews.

In requesting a copy of the tax records, the Ways and Means Committee wanted to know if the IRS can do the job completely.

The panel wanted to know  “whether the IRS had the resources and safeguards to audit the returns of Mr. Trump and similar future presidents effectively.”

In addition, the House panel also wants to know if audits can be performed independently. Can the IRS perform an audit without receiving improper or implied attempts to influence the results? 

To get the courts to release Trump’s tax returns, the House Ways and Means panel invoked a federal law. This requires the Treasury Department to turn over a requested tax return when demanded by any of the three congressional tax code-writing committees.

However, Trump’s lawyers remain adamant that these reasons are not nearly enough to release the records. 

Watch the NBC News video reporting that Former President Donald Trump asks judge to block IRS from handing tax returns to congress:

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Do you support the idea to block the release of the Trump tax records? Do you think that the House will eventually get the records released? What happens after?

Let us know what you think about the battle for keeping the Trump tax records confidential. Share your comments in the comments section below.

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  • Gregory Dempsey says:

    Another witch hunt!

  • Huapakechi says:

    Those who seek to investigate President Trump’s tax records should have no qualms about their own tax filings being made public.

  • Sam says:

    Everyone should call for thr release of tax documents for EVERY SINGLE POLITICIAN! Let’s see hoe man are in on the wuflu, repiblicans included of course. We known pfizer reps are on the fda, over 70 CCP on the pfizer shareholder list. Let’s see them all. We can get bavk to fighting over masks, vaccines, flus and skin tone after we comb through all of their filings. The real ones, with payments from russia, ukraine, china, “covid relief.” Let’s see it all! Regardless of your race, political affiliation or religion, you should want this! They want all of us hyperfocused on these issues for a reason!

  • W R says:

    Get his tax return now and put him in jail ad it all the world is looking at us and trump crap is making us the laffingstock of the world we the people should stand up and tell all politicians to get over it and let’s move on.

  • sherril henderson says:

    There is no reason to look at Trumps tax returns. Just as there is absolutely no reason for them to monitor every citizens bank accounts. Our country is doomed unless we get all of these radicals out of office and schools and collages. Load up Burney Sanders and all those communist followers and send them to China to be with the kind of people they like and let America thrive.

  • Margie says:

    Why in hell do they want Trump’s tax records when that nut Biden and his dope ridden son is in with comminist China and what are the corrupt ass holes in Washington D C doing about that Not a dam thing Trump is the only President in History THAT DID NOT TAKEA PENNEY FOR THE GREAT JOB HE DID FOR THE ASSHOLES WHO LET HIM DOWN AND HELPED OBAMA STEAL THE ELECTION FOR THE NUT

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