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Trump Thanks Campaign Staff



President Donald Trump Gives the Crowd a Double Thumbs Up | Trump Thanks Campaign Staff | Featured

Incumbent President Donald Trump thanks campaign staff for an amazing job earlier today. Stopping by campaign headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, the president remained buoyant. He called staffers a “tremendous group of people,” and that he looked forward to a “great night.”

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A Tremendous Group of People

The President said: “The lines have been amazing, and I think we’re going to have a great week and have a great night. And we’re going to have, much more importantly, we’re going to have a great four years. I want to thank everybody — this is a tremendous group of people.”

14 Rallies in 72 Hours

Trump came from 14 rallies in 72 hours and a “Fox and Friends” phone patch. The HQ visit is a welcome break from the grueling last few days. He recounted his last day of campaigning, speaking at “five plus one” rallies. The last one referred to his Grand Rapids rally a few minutes after midnight.

“I feel very good. After doing that many rallies, your voice gets a bit choppy,” Trump said. He noted his campaign got numbers “as you’ve never seen.” He also challenged the media to fact-check the information.

The President celebrated his state victories. “I hear we're doing very well in Florida, we're doing very well in Arizona, we're doing incredibly well in Texas,” Trump told his staff at the Republican National Committee annex. “The lines have been amazing, and I think we're going to have a great night.”

More Black and Latino Voters Supporting Trump

Trump remained very upbeat about his chances. He promoted the recent 33% GDP growth. He announced arrivals for approved coronavirus vaccines, which are “coming out very soon.” The president also reported gaining more Black and Latino voters.

“We have seen African Americans way up, and Hispanic Americans and people have seen that,” Trump said. “They're tired of being used by the Democrats for 100 years — I mean, it's been 100 years. So, I think we're doing very well there.”

Trump said the Supreme Court's rule extending Pennsylvania’s mail-in votes was “unfortunate.” The decision extended deadlines for mail-in votes, and he made his objections known. “I think we should know what happens on the night – let people put their ballots in earlier,” he remarked. “You can’t have these things delayed for many days and maybe weeks: you can’t do that. The whole world is waiting.”

Trump warned that the Supreme Court’s ruling will “induce violence.” He called it a “very dangerous decision.”

Winning Is Easy, Losing Is Never Easy

Asked about his speech preparations, the President said he hasn’t given it any thought yet. “I’m not thinking about concession speech or acceptance speech yet,” he said. “Hopefully we’ll be only doing one of those two. You know, winning is easy. Losing is never easy, not for me it’s not.”

After his visit, the president spent the rest of the day at the White House. He planned to watch returns at a party in the East Room. Asked what his message would be to those who didn’t vote for him, he remained optimistic. “Everybody should come together, and I think success brings us together,” he said.

Along with Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows and Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, Trump thanked loyal staffers. Then, finally, before leaving, the President gave his latest order: “Get immediately back to work.”

Right now, the race is as tight as ever, with Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan holding the keys that can determine the winner. With the hamstrings of a pandemic and a record turnout, getting the final count would take more time. Which is something the President fears can change the course of the election.

Watch this as Fox News reports that President Trump stopped by Trump Campaign Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, to thank his staff:

Given the delay in announcing election results, do you think the US voting system is outdated and can use an upgrade soon?

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Do you agree with President Trump’s assertion that counting the votes shouldn’t be delayed for any reason? Is an upgrade to the voting system long overdue? Let us know what you think by sharing your comments below.


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  • Mark Meador says:

    I think mail-in voting should be done away with except for cases of people who are disabled and can’t get to the polls.
    Mail-in votes have too much potential for fraud.
    COME ON PEOPLE(Biden quote).

  • Wendy Boothe says:

    I agree with the mail in votes. That way people can’t change the votes and can’t add more votes for the opponent to win. Go Trump, you rock.. Hope we have you for another 4 years

  • Steve Davis says:

    The original system has worked fine.
    What has gone wrong with this cycle is the Secretary’s of State are allowing unsolicited request for absentee ballots.
    Other than the dead voters voting the process should be, if you are not going to be able to vote in your precinct you have the civic duty to request and absentee ballot, not receive on unrequested.
    There is a true sense of pride to stand in line and vote in person.
    In my opinion there is no way this election is this close with out fraud on the Democrats side.

  • Vern says:

    Who the hell cares, I DO! We need national election rules NOT 50 different ones. Yes I agree with POTUS, ALL votes should be counted immediately after the polls close. WHY, when the country is waiting does one state decide, to paraphrase, ‘we’re going home, we’ll do it tomorrow’. That is bs, with all due respect to the people of Pennsylvania they have a few weirdos in charge.

    Sure seem to be a lot of excuses for not completing their jobs, STAY UNTIL IT”S DONE!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    In this day and age of technology there us no reason we should not know the results of presidential election by the morning after the election. This is ridiculous.

  • David Ballard says:

    All states should be standardized and have same rules. One should get mail in ballots , but have to bypass the post office and have to drive and deposit ballots in a disignated box picked up by federal representatives with a citizen with them. This in my opinion will help with the fraud issue. I feel the citizens deserve to know on Election Day!! Also one must be a citizen and prove they are a citizen to vote.

  • Limda says:

    Biden himself said that they “organized an extensive voter fraud” scheme, they need to be in jail! Yes, of courae we to know election day, but we are dealing with the most wicked crime scene in Ameerican history right now!

  • Jim says:

    I have no problem with mail in ballots, but there should be a fair, defined cut off. Voters have weeks to submit their votes. If it’s not at the election site by midnight of Election Day, either by mail or drop off, then it wasn’t that important to the voter.

  • William R Miller says:

    Should be totaled and done by next day by putting President Trump back in office. Tally shouldn’t be hard to figure out, Democrats are pulling all B.S. to stop 🛑 Votes for President Trump’s reelection!!!!!!!

  • George N Clarke says:

    I voted for Trump and even with him running his mouth off I still voted for him, but if he loses he has only himself to blame. I also think that election day should be it. People have all the time they need prior to November for getting their vote in. Procrastinators should not be rewarded for sitting on their lazy hind ends

  • Anna Garcia de la Cadena says:

    Every 4 years on Election night, they always declared the Winner before midnight. This is the first time I have ever seen all the news networks pull away to report something else. Like the President said last night, they wouldn’t declare that he won Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Georgia. Why? That would have pushed him over the edge.

  • Anthony C Burr says:

    I’m fine with mail in votes and early voting but the last day should be post marked one week before the day of election just as the early voting should end one week before.This would eliminate what we are seeing now.

  • Kim Byrum says:

    Certified mail in votes only or in person period. This applies to all states. So sick of the games played. Massive open ballets all over the place. Ballots thrown out. Really. I thought we were more advanced than that. Disgusting

  • Shanna Elise says:

    I agree with Anthony Burr that those who do mail in votes or absentee voting should be post marked one week ahead so on the actual voting day the total votes will be counted. The states who hold back theirs results for that “wow moment” of being the final state submission so they feel their state is the reason for the win should be dealt with by the Supreme Court. Remember people— we are SUPPOSED TO BE the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. That means regardless of Dem or Rep we all live in this great nation together. We will never agree on everything because we have the right to free speech…don’t abuse it!
    Treasure it!!!

  • Julie S says:

    Mail in voting should be reserved for those that can’t make it to the polls on Election Day: ie: working out of town, disabled, etc.
    Votes must be counted on the day of the election AND I don’t think a state should release the tally until everything is counted. In my state, WI, the last governor’s election was stolen. One candidate was clearly ahead and then, all of a sudden, Milwaukee comes up with a boatload of ballots that they “missed”. REALLY? I don’t think so. Their candidate was behind and they needed him to win — so he did thanks to their illegal activity.
    Our country has become so corrupt in voting that it makes me sick.

  • Paul Barrero says:

    Our President Donald J. TRUMP has already proven the demoncrats are cheats liars and thieves and systematic political murders! Thousands of Republican ballots were found in dumpsters, boxes,trash cans, etc.! All of them republican! So the mail ins, absentee’s and other non in person votes is 100% likely to be flawed! Most of the vote counters and postal workers are democrat! So how do you expect it to turn out! I think if you can’t get off of your lazy ass and vote in person, you can’t vote. Any other way is unfair to the max!

  • Doug Veach says:

    I think every legal citizen should have an opportunity to vote, be it, in person, early or absentee. Everyone knows that November 3 is the day that votes are counted. Early voting and absentee voting must be completed and returned to the proper office a week prior to November 3. IT IS JUST THAT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, unless you want to confuse things or create the opportunity to manipulate the outcome. Which should be illegal and punished with jail time. Election DAY is just that, not days, weeks or even months.

  • Deborah Clark says:

    I think the election should be completed the day of. Also, we should all be going to the polls to vote. There should be no mail in ballots of any kind unless it is an absentee ballot.

    I also think that we should have better control of our ballots. Maybe it is time to upgrade the entire voting process to a modern computer system.

  • Elmer says:

    The pres. has it absolutely correct. Election Day means just that. Election Day. There should not be any excuse
    For late votes. If necessary vote early. We should know the outcome at closing on Election Day.

  • Erin Wolcott says:

    Thank you to the Trump Campaign staff – you all did a great job! You should be proud of what you accomplished during this election. Even though you did not take Massachusetts be proud of the residents who supported the President and continue to support the President. News Agencies are baffled because the President’s supporters have been underground for 4 years and continued to be underground until Election Day when we came out in force including in Massachusetts! Proud to say I voted for the President just as my husband also voted for the President. Democrats only represent Queen Nancy and not those who elected them.

  • Pat says:

    I absolutely agree Election Day is just that not Election Week.Everyone I know supports President Trump.If Biden is declared a winner it will be a sad day for America.

  • Evelia says:

    I believe the DEMs/Left/Antifa/BLM are all crooks & liers. They have purposely delayed the final counting for an extra 9 days so that they can do their cheating. It’s disgusting that in 2020 this is happening in the greatest nation ever! The enemies of this nation are out to destroy it. If Biden wins it’s obvious it’s a lie. Let each in every piece of mail & paper be counted by 5 independent companies n have them supervised to make sure no cheating goes on. The truth n nothing but the truth comes out. If Biden wins no matter what, then let the whole country go to HELL since that is what people voted for. Sad world it will be not just for USA but but all FREE loving people all over the world.

  • Michael says:

    One law for absentee voting period! Legitimate disabled with proof,military stationed abroad,and registerd citizens abroad that are working with valid proof of citizenship. K.I.S.S.

  • Janet M Bedrosian says:

    When we could only vote on election day the ballots could easily be counted, and without fraud. Now with 3 different options available (mail-in, absentee, early voting) it will be so difficult to trace them accurately. I read a post saying that a person reported seeing someone dumping ballots in the water, and the names of the candidate (Trump) were on them. How do you trace dead people’s votes? And Biden’s name circled on several empty ballots in an early voting in Coventry, RI. I pray that Trump goes for the jugular until the final count results in another 4 years of the best President in history!! He loves America and their unborn babies. Biden lies about his scandal with his son, netting him millions of dollars, yet preaches telling the truth, and kills newborn babies. America will become a Socialist, Marxist Country. I believe and pray with all my heart that God who loves America will find the way to a Trump win. God loves America too much, and can do whatever He wants, which is a government that loves God. Dear Jesus, let it be so!!

  • Brenda Retired Deputy Sheriff says:

    Mr. President please take a hard look at Milwaukee, WI. They had a funeral home paying for limo service to drive people to the polls. This was on Fox6 Milwaukee news. I believe that Milwaukee will have more votes cast then what they have people registered to vote. Wisconsin should be a RED state.

  • john muckleroy says:

    all votes should be counted, and all elections should be on the popular vote, period.

  • Steven Rauch says:

    Only citizens and only mail in for people who are sick or disabled. Also we need a system for Military who are serving overseas to get their ballots and get them delivered or counted in a timely matter!

  • Carl Harris says:

    Yes all of the votes should be counted. That is the American way.

  • Donald Izaperv says:

    The comments above show incredibly ignorant racist supporters of a corrupt lying President who doesn’t deserve to be in office. He had extra help from Putin in 20-16 so obviously he is ok with a little “getting that extra edge” whoever does it, so if he loses it’s only his own fault and you crybabies can go back to your Trump car parades and Trump steaks and Trump vodka and probably die from Covid since you don’t believe in science or education or truth or taking precautions. I feel for you when the GOP tanks the blue states that are helping to keep your states’ economies going. Say good bye to social security Medicare Medicaid. You’ve been on a fools errand. Bye snowflakes!


    November 3 is ELECTION DAY. We don’t need an Election
    Month. Absentee ballots should be permitted as long as the Voter and Ballot are certified by a member of each party authorized to do so. Our right to vote has been payed for with the blood of others. If you don’t appreciate these sacrifices enough to get off your sorry ass and go vote, then you don’t deserve to be allowed to vote.
    GOD bless America and DONALD J. TRUMP

  • Barry A. says:

    Nevada officials say 86% of the vote is counted and so far they’ve tabulated 1,359,136 votes divided evenly between Trump and Biden. One big problem. Nevada only has 1,267,000 registered voters. Clark County–site of Las Vegas had about a million unrequested mail in ballots sent to voters by our Democrat Governor. Some of the ballots went to people who no longer exist. Looks like a Democrat scam to me.

    I’m a Trump voter. I knew it was going to be tough, but this is completely corrupt.

  • Edwin Mayo says:

    Voting results need to be completed and published immediately (as soon as possible) after the polls close on election day. If there are mail in absentee or military ballots, provisions can be made to have them in for counting by election day. If ballots are not be received on time they don’t count. Snooze you loose. Delays in counting provide to much of an opportunity for nefarious conduct in counting and preserving ballots that have been voted.

  • Philip B Belyea says:

    With today’s technology votes need to be counted election day any the same rules for all states, not a fair way to elect the POTUS!!!!!!

  • Robert Strawser says:

    When the Constitution was written, most electors could not make it to the Electoral College in Washington, D.C. in single day. So a space was included. This year the Electoral College meets on December 14, 2020 so Each State can place its electoral votes into play. So if you know the Constitution, you know that Election Day really wasn’t November 03, but will be December 14. Do your HOMEWORK !

  • jim says:

    thats right we dont have election week ! and whar really amazes me is they new biden was involed in foreign crimes and recieving money in return so he comitting treason and should disqakified from runnung in the first place and he still ran so will they be allowed to let maximum security prisoners be nominated in the future ??????????? and yes it will be the end of liberty as we all know it and possibly our constitution comunism has not worked yet wake up liberals

  • Robert says:

    The only excuse for not voting in person should be a severe disability verified by a doctor or being in the military and voting in accordance with military protocols. All votes should be counted by a reasonable (?) time following close of the polls but in no case later than 0800 the following morning! This garbage about people not being able to take the time to vote in person is ridiculous! Our forefathers traveled days to reach the polling places in towns. They were farmers, ranchers and others that did not live in a town. They considered it a duty and an honor to show up and vote. Heck, we don’t even require the signatures to match…..that must be too much trouble for some folks. Even the Afgans in their first vote had their thumbs dipped into indelible purple ink to prevent fraud. I doubt the marxist dems would last ten minutes in a system that fought fraud, even a little.

  • Sam says:

    The longer it takes to count “mail in votes” the easier it is to tamper with results. We the people of the United States of America can no longer be hte beacon light for honest fair elections for the rest of the world to admire.

  • Jen Hendrix says:

    I agree with EVERYTHING you just said!! I stayed up all day Monday, all night Monday night (because I suffer from Insomnia and once I take my medicine I’m knocked out). I was afraid I would over sleep and not make it to vote!! I am a disabled person who can’t stand on my feet very long at a time, but you know what….I can go to Wal-Mart and anywhere else I want to go and yesterday I WENT TO THE POLLS AND I PROUDLY VOTED PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP!!!! He is THE BEST President in our lifetime, and will remain so throughout the rest of history!!!! I spent last night with my family watching results come in, and before I finally went to bed around 3:00 A.M I sat and literally cried seeing the cheating that’s going on in this Country we call the United States Of America, and feeling SO VERY SORRY for such a wonderful, God sent man who has been bashed by the Dems since the day he took office. He has done NOTHING WRONG!! He has kept EVERY promise he made, and he is the ONLY president who has in our lifetime!! I could NOT possibly be more proud of our Dear President Donald J. Trump, and no matter how this crooked election turns out he will FOREVER be MY PRESIDENT!! God Bless you and all of your family Sir, and God help us all if the crooked Dems take over :'(. MY HEART IS BREAKING.

  • Jen Hendrix says:

    Furthermore, how PLEASE tell me HOW President Trump can be blamed for COVID-19?!?! I “heard” it was a lab created virus paid for (money paid to a lab in Wuhan China) by a VERY popular DEM when their attempts at impeachment didn’t work. How VERY sad our great President is blamed for all of the 100’s of thousands of lives this awful disease took, when the one to blame is someone else!!!! How does HE sleep at night?!?! I couldn’t!! And there is NO EXCUSE not to go to the polls…NONE!! If the protesters can protest, riot, loot and act totally like animals, go everywhere else they want to go then why can’t they GO TO THE POLLS?!?! This election has affected and hurt me more than any election since I came in this world. I am BEYOND disgusted and I am SO depressed all I can do is cry and pray for President Trump and our nation. GOD IN JESUS PRECIOUS NAME I PRAY, PLEASE PLEASE LORD TAKE OVER AND MAKE SURE THAT THE ONE YOU SEE FIT TO REPRESENT THIS NATION IS THE ONE WHO WINS THIS ELECTION. AMEN!! President Trump, I apologize for the ignorance of the Dems (although I am a lifetime proud Republican), I pray for you and everything you represent. I pray YOU win this election, and I respect, admire and love you Sir!!

  • ROY MESSMORE says:

    Voting criteria should be the same for all states and the overseeing of collection and vote counting must be open to both party’s representatives. The 2010 election will go down as a disgrace and should be of great embarrassment to any Democrat.

  • Michael Miller says:

    The only mail-in ballots that should be allowed are deployed military and citizens living or traveling out of the country!

  • Melisa Anderson says:

    I think if you have Mail in ballots it should be absentee ballots. And all ballots should be due in time to count on Election Day. There should be members from both parties overseeing the counting of ballots.

  • Kari Harris says:

    Leave the mail in ballots to our military only! For disabled individuals, start a new process where an election employee comes to their home and let them vote. Otherwise it is every American’s duty to get up and go vote in person! Even with this pandemic, going to vote is no different than going to get your groceries! Make a “drive up” option just as they do for testing for the virus! There are so many possibilities that have not been thought of to make sure this stays legal! Personally, from what I’m seeing in these “swing states”… I wish we could go to the popular vote verses electoral votes. I find it sad that almost an entire state can vote one way but the state’s decision goes to how the major cities vote. How does rural America’s voices be heard?! I and millions more are tired of “the concrete jungle” making decisions for us!

  • Don DOUGLASS says:

    It is far too easy for fraud with mail voting. It should only be allowed when it is impossible for someone to go vote in person.

  • Peter Luciano says:

    ail in ballots are very labor intensive in todays world.
    With the computers we have a polling places, the ballot goes through very efficiently without having to be hsndle by many other people.
    Manually having to open a ballot and then verifying signatures is subjective.
    If the voter was to go to a polling place, then their ballot is handled very safely without having to touch other people hands or being thrown away.
    The only way to safely vote without having votes thrown away or switched to another ballot, because the poll person did not like the candidates chosen on the ballot.
    This method of mail in ballot a recipe for bias or disaster in our country…Socialist do this kind of thing.
    In person voting eliminates any question of the legitimacy of the voter because it was handled by only the voter.!!!!

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