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Blue Whimper: MSM’s Democratic Landslide Was Wishful Thinking



African-American Woman Wearing Mask Putting Vote Bulletin in Ballot Box | Blue Whimper: MSM’s Democratic Landslide Was Wishful Thinking| Featured

It’s still early, but, so far, it looks like the mainstream media got it wrong again.

Democrats and left-leaning media have predicted a Democratic sweep of the Senate and White House for months. However, American voters had something to say about that on Election Day. Races in several states are much tighter than polling data predicted. Also, Republicans have performed well in several highly contentious races. We still don’t have an official winner, but one thing is sure amid a historically close presidential contest. Biden’s highly publicized lead evaporate on Tuesday as millions of Republican voters turned out to support the president.

A Narrow Margin

Former Vice President Joe Biden | Blue Whimper: MSM’s Democratic Landslide Was Wishful Thinking

The national polls predicted a Biden would win by a 10-point margin. However, the former vice president is only hanging onto a narrow, 2-point lead in the popular vote. State polling data was even worse. The notoriously liberal and unapologetically bias Washington Post predicted Biden would crush Trump in Wisconsin. Although, the two candidates remain locked in an excruciatingly close race.

The Republican vote seems to directly rebuke the oppressive media narrative that’s been plaguing the country for the past four years, and it doesn’t end with the race for the White House. Many political experts predicted that prominent Republican incumbents would lose their seats, but many of the challenged GOP candidates won their contests by a large margin.

If you listened to the fake news commentators, you would’ve thought Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was on his way out the door in Kentucky. Not so much. The Republican incumbent smashed his Democratic opponent by a double-digit margin and won a seventh term in the country’s foremost legislative body.

“Tonight, Kentuckians said, ‘We're not finished yet.' Kentucky wants more of the policies that built the best economy in modern history, not socialism that would stifle prosperity and hurt workers,” McConnell said during his victory appearances.

The Republican Vote

The Dems were even more confident about flipping Lindsay Graham’s Senate seat in South Carolina. Wealthy Democratic donors threw billions of dollars at Graham’s Democratic challenger, Jaime Harrison, but the liberal cash cows couldn’t tip the scales. More than 55% of South Carolina voters went in favor of Graham.

Dems flipped Senate seats in Colorado and Arizona, but Republican advances partially offset the liberal gains. Former University of Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville unseated Democratic Senator Doug Jones in Alabama. Several contentious Senate races remain too close to call, but it looks like Republicans are in good shape to hold their majority.

In the House, Republicans have gained four seats from Democrats. However, the GOP is still well short of the 17 seats it needed to take a majority in the lower legislature. Like the Senate, several races are still up in the air with no sure winner declared. Therefore, it could take a while before we get a final scorecard.

Liberal Media Throws A Tantrum

Once again, the liberal media is having a temper tantrum over the Republican resurgence. Several mainstream outlets have refused to call states for Trump despite overwhelming leads for the president. Additionally, Pennsylvania seems to be deliberately dragging its feet to stall for time.

The election is still up in the air, but the Blue Wave just smashed against a Red Wall. The voters have spoken, and they’ve had enough of the poisonous mainstream media and the liberal elites. The media’s prediction of a blue blowout hasn’t materialized. However, the question remains whether Republicans can take home the top prizes.

If President Trump holds onto the White House, it will be a stunning rebuke to the elitist liberal establishment. The mainstream media will have once again proven their inability to overlook their personal biases.

The media seems to lose credibility by the second, and many Americans are beginning to see patterns of misinformation and manipulation. The outlets that got it wrong will undoubtedly have a laundry list of excuses to explain their errors, but the media knows what it’s doing.

The country’s largest media firms have been pushing an Anti-Trump narrative for four years, and their efforts leading up to Election Day were a culmination of a massive, unspoken effort to undermine the president’s chances. Luckily, the voters saw through the liberal smokescreen. Right-leaning voters can take some comfort in the fact that the liberal establishment’s information war on America appears to be on the brink of a dramatic failure – AGAIN!

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