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Trump Told Supporters ‘No More Money for RINOs’ in Battle Against Disloyal GOP Candidates



Former president Donald Trump-Trump Told Supporters No More Money for RINOs' in Battle Against Disloyal GOP Candidates-ss-Featured

In an effort to redirect money from three prominent Republican fundraising and electoral organizations, former President Donald Trump told his supporters to avoid donating to RINOs. He is hoping to make sure Republican donations do not go to politicians who showed disloyalty to him.

Last weekend, Trump released “cease-and-desist” letters to several Republican organizations. These include the NRSC, the NRCC, and the RNC. In the letters, he demands that the organizations stop using his image and name for fundraising, according to Politico.

The RNC or the Republican National Committee publicly responded to the letters on Monday. The organization’s Chief Counsel J. Justin Reimer wrote to the counsel for the former president’s “Save America PAC” and said that the RNC will not do what Trump is asking it to do.

In the letter, Reimer wrote that the RNC and Trump are similar, in a way that both are focusing on getting Republican candidates elected and pushing for conservative policies. He justified that the organization has the right to refer to public figures. He added that it will continue to do so to reach its goals.

A few hours after this was released, the former president sent an email to those who support him. In it, he said, “No more money for RINOs” and added that they should make sure their donations will go to the political action committee (PAC) that he controls.

Trump Told Supporters to Donate to Save America PAC Instead

Trump has given his followers a similar instruction before, saying that they should make sure to limit what traditional COP organizations can get in terms of money. In his address during the CPAC, he said that in order to effectively contribute to their efforts of getting “America First Republican conservatives” to “Make America Great Again” is to contribute to Save America PAC.

On the other hand, the NRSC or the National Republican Senatorial Committee chose not to comment on the letter. Meanwhile, the NRCC or the National Republican Congressional Committee chose not to immediately respond to any request for comment regarding the letter.

The battles within the Republican party, as being pushed by Trump, puts in the risk of the GOP getting a handicap in the 2022 elections. This may happen if the said organizations do end up lacking the funds because of Trump’s instruction to his followers.

Under his presidency, the GOP lost control of Congress. However, it is still in a 50-50 tie in the Senate. The party can take control of the said chamber if they get even just one seat in the 2022 election. This all depends on the NRSC.

Additionally, the GOP exceeded expectations when it comes to their performance in the House in 2020. For this, a lot of people credit the recruitment and campaigns done by House Republican leaders and the NRCC.

While Trump’s letters pose a significant threat to these groups, they will not likely publicly criticize Trump over the matter. May Republicans are still enamored by Trump, and this was highlighted by RNC’s response.

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