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UK Tells Off Leftist Crybabies



Nigel Farage is one of the British politicians who was a major driving force behind “Brexit.” Watch this video and witness how he rips into the E.U. council.

The entire council boos and hisses at Farage the whole time, but he still manages to deliver epic insult after insult as if he feeds off of their negativity.

“You as a political project are in denial. You're in denial that you're currency is failing… Just look at the Mediterranean. As a policy to impose poverty on Greece and the rest of the Mediterranean you've done very well.”

I love the way he casually insults the entireEuropeann Union to the sounds of their escalating boos, but he wasn't done.

“Now, I know virtually none of you have ever had a proper job in your lives or worked in business or worked in trade or indeed ever created a job.”

After this video, Nigel Farage is my new hero. The way he stood up to the E.U. is simply amazing. More of our politicians could stand to learn from him and grow a backbone of their own.

With leadership like Farage I am confident that the UK will be okay. The E.U on the other hand is totally doomed.

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  • susie says:

    What are they afraid of? no more free rides? They will be grateful that this was done so they can be a great nation again. It will make the country strong and the people proud.

  • Mary Vollmer says:

    Because: Who’s idea of the EU was this anyway> Did it come from the People? No! It came from The Elite Globalist, trying to govern the small people, the workers in the world. It came from some few, who want the wealth to themselves, while the poor, the lower and middle class do the work and The Group live in finery. The British people have a perfect right, because they have “seen the light,” to back off of this scheme. When the rest of the EU, or some members come to their senses, they too will join the Brits.

  • Charles says:

    Britain has its own Donald Trump. You won’t see either trying to their people a silk purse they made from a Pigs Ear!

  • JUAN REYNOSO says:

    By, Juan Reynoso, WTP – Political activist.
    [email protected].
    Americans must stand united in solidarity with the UK to defend their sovereignty.
    Fellow Americans, the European Communities Act 1972 it implicitly recognized the primacy of the EU law over UK law. The people of the UK have suffered the consequences of this economic union for the last 44 year; this union is about the demised of the sovereignty of its members. Neo-liberalism has given carte blanche to the elite of the financial system and the multinational corporations to demise the rights of the people and the sovereignty of their members to make the oligarchs the rulers of the EU at the expenses of the working people.
    Today, we must stand united in solidarity with the people of the UK in defense of their freedom and sovereignty; in 1941 we stand united and fought our common enemies to demise world tyranny, the millions of men who fought and died through the years of the Second World War for freedom must never be forgotten; in 1941 we denied to the enemy, the world conquest which they sought by war, now the enemy of the people are the world’s oligarchs promoters of globalization and the neo-liberalism, they want to rule the world by the control of the world’s natural resources, labor, commerce and the economics of the world. The free traders and globalist strategy is the demise of the sovereignty, freedom and rights of the people to make them economic slaves, the working people of the EU and the United States are the ones that pay for the enrichment of the oligarch that are in control of the labor and commerce of the EU and the United States.
    We must defend our sovereignty and our freedom; sovereignty and freedom is about set our own laws, raise our own taxes, trade with whom we want, fish in our own waters, invite into the country those whom we choose and remove those we don’t; If we love our freedom and continue being an independent nation, we must stop free trade globalization and the North American union. The people of the UK As a member of the EU, cannot do any of them other than collectively.
    The E.U and The U.S. are working in secrecy to pass the TTIP trade agreement; this trade agreement will give corporations the power to void our constitution and our sovereignty. Obama and every politician that is working to pass this trade deal are traitors that place the interest of the Globalist multinational corporations, the IMF, the World Bank and the Federal Reserve banks before the people of the E.U. and the U.S.A.
    Please send a letter to your representatives and ask them to stop the TTIP. Any politician that support and vote for this trade agreement is a traitor.
    See more –
    The demise our authority to Make Immigration Policy.

  • S says:

    Man I love those Brits!Good job guys!

  • Karl says:

    He told it like it is, but the council couldn’t handle it, could they?

  • Greg says:

    Rome fell because too many non-Romans came into their society not to be Romans but to change the culture!

  • Mitchell Baldwin says:

    As Dr. Savage says: Language, Borders and Culture. I would have voted to leave. When you have un-elected bureaucrats telling you how to run your country and the businesses within your country and the people you have to let into your country, it is time to cut ties.

  • Scott Montgomery says:

    This is exactly what the USA is feeling and we want our country back as well. We are also victims of forced globalization and bad trade deals with many countries. I am in no way opposed to immigrants, this country was built by immigrants, but they need to be coming into this country by LEGAL ways, and not forced on us via migrant, unlawful policies. People are coming into this country illegally and reaping the benefits of a welfare and subsidy system that was intended for AMERICAN CITIZENS.

  • Les Pratt says:

    If you have to ask WHY, you’ve not been paying attention! Slaggard countries in the EU have been allowing countries such as GB to carry the weight of them. The slug countries should carry their own weight, and contribute to the overall welfare of all. We must all work together.

  • Lenora says:

    Britain has EVERY right to express their GOD given terms for fairness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Wirts says:

    The European Union was a mistake to start with, a union of monitary unity, but with out a central government, like the U.S. Federal government to stabilizr the laws and currency it is doomed to fail! As it has!

  • Theresa says:

    The British taxpayer was being hosed by the EU.

  • Lori says:

    They are taking back their country-Hooray for them, now its our turn.

  • Rainey says:

    The liberal hypocrisy cannot be denied. They are all in favor of preaching “tolerance” but only to those groups they deem work in their favor. If you disagree with them, then you are a pariah, you need to be obliterated, fired, outcasted from the utopian society they want to create for the masses. Isn’t that in essence Tyranny? Your a racist if you don’t agree with Obama, you are a sexist woman hater if you don’t like or vote for a criminal like Hillary Clinton, you are a homophobe if you don’t agree with gay marriage or transgender bathroom rights, I am so sick of the atmosphere of political correctness, I could scream. Now we see a bunch of liberal cry babies over the election that they we so sure they would win, by any fraudulant corrupt means necessary, they cannot accept that the USA has had enough of taking our country in the opposite direction from what made us exceptional to begin with. Personal Freedom. Not a grossly out of control government telling us how to feed our children, what lightbulbs we are to use, we cannot burn wood in our own homes anymore…..I could make out a huge list. We want our freedom back, liberals need to start acting like adults instead of children and quit the enabling another generation of pansies, it’s downright shameful and embarrassing! I was not thrilled when Obama got in TWICE, but I did not curl up in a fetal position and cry, I accepted the hand that was dealt. So suck it up lefties, and realize your own deplorable intolerant hypocrisy!

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