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Uber Expands Driver Feature to Set Own Fare to More Cities in California

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Uber Expands Driver Feature to Set Own Fare to More Cities in California

In order to “further increase drivers’ flexibility and protect access to independent work,” Uber is rolling out its set your own fare feature to drivers in San Francisco, Modesto, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo.

This feature allows drivers to name their price, from as little as half to as much as five times Uber’s standard rates. Fox Business explained that drivers can set fares based on 10 percent increments or use Uber’s standard default rate.

In a blog post, the company mentions what will happen if you drive in these cities and opt to not change your multiplier. They said “you will still get the benefit of default time and distance rates, as well as surge fares. Current time and distance rates are not changing in your city. You don’t have to do anything to stick with ‘Auto-pricing’, which is the default setting in the Driving preferences menu.”

The app will notify riders if they have been matched with a driver who sets their fare higher than the estimate. They have the option to either accept or decline.

“In the coming weeks, all California drivers will be able to set their own fare. We will monitor feedback regarding how well the new feature is working. We’ll use this information to continue making product improvements in the months ahead, so that we can build on our commitment to flexibility and protect the independence of drivers like you,” the blog post read.

The feature has been previously rolled out in January at smaller airports in Santa Barbara, Sacramento, and Palm Springs.

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