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Under Hillary, Laws Are For Poor People



In this video, House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz grills FBI director James Comey on his findings on Hillary Clinton's email investigation.

The mental gymnastics that Comey has to jump through to attempt to answer Chaffetz's questions while at the same time not implying that Hillary did anything wrong would be impressive if not for the fact that it's such a devastating blow to the justice system in America.

Chaffetz keeps asking Comey these very easy to answer questions. We know Hillary Clinton lied under oath. We know she mishandled classified emails. Yet, every time it came time for Comey to answer these basic questions, he would go blank for a minute and search for the appropriate answer that would somehow get him off the hook.

As the video goes on, Chaffetz gets more and more fed up. At one point he asks Comey if Hillary would pass the FBI's background check and Comey jumps around a little before saying her past would be considered.

He then asks if someone with this past would be hired at the FBI. Comey says, “it would be a very important consideration in a suitability determination.”

Chaffetz, fed up, fires back, “you're kind of making my point director. The point being that because I injected the word Hillary Clinton you gave me a different answer, but if I came up to you and said that this person was extremely careless with classified information, exposure to hostile actors, and, despite the warnings, created unnecessary burdens in exposure. If they said they had one device and you found that they had multiple devices. If there had been email chains with someone like John Sullivan asking for classification changes. You're telling me the FBI would grant that person security clearance?”

Laws were obviously broken under Hillary Clinton and she showed an inexcusable amount of continuous bad judgment. Yet, because it's Hillary, she gets a pass. Not only does she manage to avoid jail, she doesn't even get a slap on the wrist. All this and she is likely enough to be president. That is simply unforgivable.

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  • ralph cirillo says:

    the Clintons are a disgrace

  • Richard Peterson says:

    This NEEDS an explanation ?????

  • evelyn gallenstein says:

    Hillary has been getting away with criminal acts for years and somehow nothing sticks to her! She must have a black book with a list of names she has info on.How ANYONE thinks she will not abuse the powers of being president like she did when she was sec. Of state(second prize for not being elected) is just delusional!!

  • Daren D. Theige says:

    EXCELLENT!!! I completely agree and it’s about TIME!!!!! The rich have been Kowtowed by the Leaders of this Country for FAR too long!!! We NEED a President who will look out for the Welfare of the Poor for a Change!!!!! Thank GOD She was found INNOCENT!!! Now for Christ sake MOVE ON dot org. LMFAO!!!!

  • DAVID WHITE says:

    As a former Secretary of State to the United Srates of America, Hillary Clinton has got off “Sott Free” of all charges because I suspect someone was paid off to release her from all charges. Wanna know who was paid off? And why?
    Look at the evidence produced and seen! Now Charles Manson ought to become eligible to run for public office! And don’t tell me he has no right!!!!

  • Gerry says:

    Of course she thinks, as do all these so-called elitists, that the law does NOT apply to them but just to the masses. They do believe they are above the law and it was just proven to be true by this gutless POS fbi director.

  • Dan says:

    She is like a cat with nine lives. She has made some many bad moves but seems to always come out on top. Normal citizens would never get away with what she has done.

  • Name says:

    Poor people don’t have the money to fight the system like Hillary does !!!!!!! She lies and gets away with it !!!!!!! She should be put under the Prison, not in it !!!!!! If she is elected then we’ll have ISIS fighting right here in our United States of America, all because of Hillary Clinton !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Terry G Thompson says:

    ErHillary is a dumb stupid person! I think there are a lot more women in the US that would be a greater President that her people. What you thinking about? Just being able to Vote for the first Women for President.
    Of you hate this President Obama just wait. After 4 years of Hillary you will wish Obama was back. God Please help us.

  • Gary says:

    When poor people get caught doing wrong they pay for it one way or another. When the Clintons do wrong and they are to be proesicuted witness come up missing or dead and they get off free

  • Rubie says:

    Remember relegate???

  • Daryl Richard says:

    Yes Everyone has to abide by the laws or the whole law system doesn’t work.

  • PK says:

    She violates the Constitution, and destroys peoples’ careers, even has them murdered, and she doesn’t expect to go to jail like any other common criminal.

  • bob smith says:

    because of the criminals running our government, look at what they get away with
    all the time

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