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The United Kingdom Has Decided To Build Their Own Wall




  • The United Kingdom is going to build a wall to keep out refugees.
  • The refugees are just across the water in the camp known as “the Jungle” just outside of Calais, France.
  • “The Jungle” has been overrun with refugees and migrants and has become a staging ground for refugees entering into the United Kingdom.
  • The hope is that the wall will prevent enough of them from entering.

It looks like Donald Trump may be on to something.

The United Kingdom has had enough of refugees entering their country from the refugee camp known as “the Jungle” in Calais. To prevent this they intend to build a wall.

The wall in question would be 13 feet high and initially will only run for one kilometer along the port highway. The hope is that this will be enough to deter refugees from crossing the dangerous highway and then getting into vehicles and dispersing through the countryside.

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However, the British government had already set up a fence that hadn’t worked. So, it is entirely likely that the wall will be expanded on as well.

“People are still getting through,” said immigration minister Robert Goodwill, “We have done the fence, now we are doing the wall.”

The Calais “Jungle” is the nickname given to a refugee camp just outside of Calais, France, where migrants and refugees live. Many living in this camp attempt to illegally enter the United Kingdom via the Port of Calais or the Eurotunnel by stowing away on ferries, cars, or trains traveling to the UK.

As one can imagine this has become a major problem for both the U.K. and France. One of the more troubling trends is that adults will leave the camp looking for work or a place to settle down and leave their children behind and alone.

This has created a lot of controversy and resentments, especially on the English side, as they would rather see the children brought over and placed with their family members when possible.

Home Office minister Baroness Williams of Trafford said, “We all want the same thing for these children – for them to be safe and to be in an environment that’s in their best interests, certainly away from the Jungle in Calais.”

“This Government is working tirelessly with the French Government in ensuring those processes are expedited as quickly as possible.”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  • Avatar Terry Wylie says:

    They need to set up camps for these people in their own country, and let them rebuild it. Use military action if needed.

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