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United States of America: A Mexican Paradise




The United States of America has a long and proud history of immigration, but the key is to do it legally. There are those in this country that think because we are a nation of immigrants we should throw the borders open and allow everyone to come in. This is pure hypocrisy and a clear lack of respect for the rule of law that manifests itself throughout their culture.

Now, before you cry that I am being racist and targeting latinos, namely Mexicans, I’m not. Many of whom I speak of are Mexican, but only those that have crossed the border illegally. Legal immigrants who took the proper, not necessarily easy, but legal path to citizenship will be the first to say that they want others to “get in line.”

Legal immigrants who come here at great cost and time so that they can participate in the legal process and be a proper citizen, don’t want to be labeled with those that come across the border illegally. They stand as proof that the process works and so it is an insult to them when others shortcut the steps because they don’t want to spend the time or resources then complain that the system needs to be changed.

The topic of immigration has been in the news a lot this week after the San Jose attacks and the future University of Texas student bragging about her free ride. This angered lots of people, but as I said none more than those who came here legally.

For the San Jose attacks you have these thugs who are attacking people for participating in the very democratic process that helped to make this country great enough that they risked life and limb to illegally cross the border in the first place. The whole time they are waving the Mexican flag, the flag of the country that they were so desperate to flee.

This highlights a problem that goes well beyond immigration. One that is rooted is a more dangerous type of thinking where people seek out our country, but refuse to try and assimilate to the melting pot culture that made this country so great in the first place. It also creates these isolated communities where ignorance and hatred are free to flourish.  

I would never suggest that these isolated communities of self-exiles are as big of a potential risk as those of Muslim communities in Europe, but it does breed the same sort of mindset that creates this idolisation for their old culture while creating a fear and hatred of their new adopted culture.

While I don’t think that these communities are hotbeds of terrorism like they are in Europe, they do harbor fugitives and criminals while allowing people to be prayed upon by criminal elements. Much like the border towns they fled from to begin with.

When they finally do act as successful members of society they become emboldened and feel the need to “fight” for the immigration reform which translates to open borders. This was highlighted this week when the high school student tweeted about her free ride to the University of Texas and showed her pride in being undocumented.

Besides a clear lack of understanding the law and putting her great and rare opportunity at risk it was also a slap in the face of all the many students who are here after going through the long process of following the law.

The tweet sparked massive outrage and her account has since been deleted. No news yet on the statues of her acceptance to UT.

The whole point of this isn’t to call out immigrants or to be hateful, but to remind everyone that it is not racist to be against illegal immigrants. We in the United States have a process to come here legally and that system might not be perfect, but it needs to be respected if you want it to change. We will never be a country that changes through strong arm tactics.


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  • patti volz says:

    My daughter-in-law is tens of thousands of dollars for her college education and an illegal immigrant is bragging about a free college education.At American citizens’ expense?Does it include room and board?Illegal immigrants assaulting American citizens attempting to exercise their rights to assemble peacefully and free speech,all the while they are waving the mexican flag,the police took their time to respond and later,the mexican mayor of an AMERICAN city blamed Trump and his supporters for everything.The protesters were breaking God only Knows how many laws yet it was the fault of law abiding American citizens.What is wrong with this picture?

  • Gerry says:

    Our government has made it easy for the illegals to come across the border and start living off the taxpayers. For at least 30 years our govt has had an open door policy. It is past time to close those doors after sending ALL illegals back through them.

  • Anse says:

    Can’t you read?

  • Don Downs says:

    You cannot have a country like this. The US will cease to exist. Shut the border, deport illegals. No more Muslims until you can verify who they are. Quit the political corrective mess. The enemy is Muslims.

  • Norm Coleman says:

    it has always been a process. Those who come here legally deserve our help. those who come illegally do not. My ancestors followed the rules an procedures to become US Citizens and I am grateful. There is a right way and that is the only way which should be allowed.

  • Larry says:

    We need to close the Southern Border for about 20 years. Stop NAFA also.

  • CARO WILTSEY says:


  • kaye mohammadi says:

    they are illegal, they are criminals by coming into our country without permission but obama and jeh johnson want them here for votes mainly but also the browning of America as was said. The mexicans live on welfare get paid under the table, the IRS gives them earned income they didn’t work for without proper ID, the mexicans lie and add kids that are only nephews and nieces in mexico so they can get more money. they get welfare, food stamps, section 8, DL, now SS and medicaide, they take jobs from Americans cause obamo gives companies 3000 to hire them. they get free education and get scholarships our kids deserve to go to college without paying out of state tuition. They demand and riot and fly their mexican flag, they refuse to learn English, they bring in all types of diseases, they bring in drugs, they drink and drive and kill innocent Americans, they come in pregnant so the kid will be an American, they destroy neighborhoods by kicking in door and windows and piling trash on street, i had to move out of a neighborhood due to a bunch of men moving into one apt and several families of mexicans that piled up furniture and old cars. They live like rats in mexico and come here and live the same way. They can get any id they want by buying them. one place in Atlanta was shown but no one stopped them. they steal ID, they commit home invasions, the prisons are full of them and obama doesn’t allow them to be deported. i have heard about rape after rape of the illegal men against young girls. obama release hundreds of offenders with serious crimes they committed. all obama an demoncrats want is votes.

  • b koziol says:


  • Jon Exner says:

    When senator obama ran for president of the United States of America he promised to fundamentally change America. Few Americans and fewer in the media took the time to look beyond senator obama’s skin color and demanded that he explain his meaning of fundamentally changing America.
    They say for the first time in American history a black man that was acceptable to many white people to become the first black President of the United States of America.
    Now you can claim I am being racist with that remark but I would remind you of the statements made by harry reid and even joe biden during the campaign of 2008.
    So I would say that as far as fundamentally changing America president obama has been a very successful President.
    He as divided us even more that we were in 2008, We now are on our way to becoming a spanish illegal alien nation where we are on the precipice of having our legal system divided by the sharia courts that the muslims will someday implement against our current system.

  • Name says:

    food stamps social security four or five families living in one house which is a one family sending 90%of us dollars to banks back home.

  • Jim Kirk says:

    Try sneaking into Mexico sometime and see what happens to you.

  • c jett says:

    Its not just Mexicans that do this Muslims do too. They come here and expect handouts. My ex lied to me for years to marry me to get a green card for himself and his family . They were abusive physically,emotionally, financially,spiritually psychologically and isolated me and wouldn’t let me out of the house till they got what they wanted. I’m now fighting for justice n to get my marriage annualed.. My own government treats them better and protects their rights not mine. I’m being victimized all over again I need help. Close our borders and evict them all immediately. No anchor babies either, I could go on for days on this topic, this needs to be fixed now. Keep out terrorists this way also.

  • gary garrett says:

    illegal means illegal.All other immigrants that came to this country legally,assimilated into American culture.We were known as the melting pot,now the pot is melting!

  • Christopher says:


  • Fred Goodfellow says:

    It is my opinion we should have open borders, from the North of Canada to the Panama Canel. That would improve the economic situation of ALL of North America.

  • Mark says:

    They are truly not Americans and don’t care about Americans. I totally agree that they want to undermine our nation. They wave the Mexican flag at rallies and protests. That is a direct diss against our country

  • greg says:

    it’s a law why is ok to break this law, if they can break this law why not break any other one

  • Paul Schmitt says:

    Third generation immigrant. Grandfather from Berlin, Germany 1907, my grandmother a short time later. Entered through Ellis Island, lived in Brooklyn then Buffalo and on to a small town where they purchased enough property to farm. We were peach farmers, grandfather would deliver fresh to the city market while my grandmother ran a retail grocery store. They had money and sponsored several families to come over from Germany and they had to have jobs waiting for them or in the case of my uncle had to serve this country to get his citizenship. All done the right way. Love the country or leave it. I’m not against helping out people but there should be a time limit and should not be able to remain on assistance for an unlimited time period.

  • Chickenpatti13 says:

    What can the white American population do to stop these atrocities from happening?The government doesn’t care that the,tax paying white American citizens want change.They care about illegals,terrorists and queers.Our government just wants white America to foot their bills and to take a back seat to everything and everyone else.What we want doesn’t matter.Yes,the country is divided thanks to the powers that be.I am white,I’m getting poorer by the day and despite only getting $954 a month to live on I do not qualify for any assistance from a government who took 1/3 of my paycheck EVERY week for 25 YEARS.They need to take care of illegals,terrorists and queers,not some poor old disabled white lady who can only afford 1 meal a day.I still have my guns but if Obama gets his way SS will give me a choice-My guns or monthly check.I’m waiting for someone to say “LET’S GO GET ‘EM!!!” I’m ready…

  • Robert Saulino says:

    All i have to say about the immigration problems that we are now having in our country is this…. If we as a people want it to continue, Vote for Hillary, if we want it to end, Vote for Trump !

  • Sam Williams says:

    I know several legal immigrants they agree many of the illegals are riffraff that they left Mexico to escape from.

  • Pam says:

    The USA has become an American Paradise for Mexicans because this presidential administration encourages their illegal entry into this country, gives them money and other benefits, and then promises to give them amnesty. He is encouraging them to break the law simply because he wants to “change the face of America”. If Hillary Clinton is elected she will continue this outrageous practice.

  • Denny says:

    Anyone who wants to be a American, should be checked out to see if they are a criminal first, if not then allowed in. But, they have to obey our laws, learning English is one of those laws to be a citizen. Then they have to be naturalized and become citizens, like all other Americans who came here and became citizens. Illegals, go home. Send them home. Do not give them any rewards, (Benefits) for breaking our laws, They should come here the lawful was. Not like a low life sneak thief. I certainly do not mind helping people out. But I pay a American Tax Dollar, and I demand it go to a American that needs help, not some illegal alien criminal.

  • Daniel J Garcia says:

    I Agree and Disagree!
    The problem with your questions is that it is too simple. Of course everyone should follow the law. Of course there are people who are not happy that others have entered the system illegaly. Let me re-count my family story. First let me say that the world is totaly different today than when my father came to the U.S. My father was orphaned at the age of 8-9 during one of the revolutions in Mexico. His father, my grandfather, fought with Pancho Villa and died somewhere between Chihuaha and Juarez. At the age of 11 an uncle sent for him and my dad entered the U.S. with an educational visa. He grew up in El Paso, Texas. As soon as he was able he was working in the fields in Oregon, Washington and at the age of 19-20, having saved his money, he opened a general store and butcher shop. His father had operated a general store in Torreon prior to joining the revolution. After a few years he was married, I was born in El Paso and he brought my and my mother to Los Angeles where he had some very successful cousins who were in the meat business. One of them has grown very large in the wholesale markets. My father ran a grocery store and meat market for many years as I was growing up. He was successful and a hard worker. That, however did not qualify him for some of the things that you take for granted. My dad was not a very dark skinned Mexican. My mother whose parents emigrated from Spain was a beautifully, very fair, dark haired women. When they were able to afford it my parents decided to move their business to a better location that would allow him to wholesale his meat products from a more central location. He was incensed and very angry when a woman in a real estate office told them “we do not sell homes to Mexicans”. That brings me to my point. THERE IS STILL RAMPANT DISCRIMINATION AGAINST MEXICAN PEOPLE. It is not about color necessarily but it may be more because Mexican people have a more difficult time merging into the American landscape. German immigrants, for example, were ashamed of their german accent and forbade their children from speaking in german. Being a lighter color they easily made the switch. Is there still discrimination. You bet there is. You probably discriminate yourself in many subtle ways. My parents worked hard, helped me to understand the value of an education which motivated me to attend a great university and obtain a B.S. in Economics. I went to officer candicate school in Newport, R.I., received a commission and served on the U.S. destroyer for almost four years. I then worked for a major corporation in sales and eventually opened my own real estate company. You have left out the impact of NAFTA in your thinking. Do you really think Mexican people want to come to America. Do you really thing they want to risk crossing the desert to get to our border, cross a river at night, etc. There are not enough jobs in Mexico. And there are not enough jobs in American. Just look at the travesty of U.S. students who have degrees but cannot find good paying jobs. You have no idea how we got to this situation and make simple comments “some Mexicans are insulted that others came here illegally”. Duh, the reality is that they are escaping just like the Syrians are escaping from their country. As a nation we have engineered the destruction of jobs in the U.S. We have exported our manufacturing to the world and we need to find a solution. We know what the solution is but you and me do not have the guts to step up to the Congress and demand the necessary changes. Your question and your survey is only stoking the fire of an already contentious debate. Do not pick out some stupid little girl who tweets about her free ride. That does no good. I live in a farm community now that the hardest working people are those same Mexicans that toil in the fields 7 days a week during crop season. Some of their children go on to school, some get in trouble, and some become solid tax paying citizens. But they are all good people who deserve more recognition for their contributions. Absolute Rights are for everyone.

  • Don Shepard says:

    If people enter our country illegally, they are blazenly disrespecting our immigration law.

  • Louis Lanzilla says:

    we need to live by our laws
    God Bles America

  • JRL says:

    Because some of my relatives and in-laws came from some other Latin Countries the legal way and illegals are abusing the weakness of the USA at the present time,by the way am from Puerto Rico.

  • marvin wilson says:

    simple-obama makes it so that can can come across the border into america with the american border patrol and any other law people not to stop them or incarcerate them and send them back to mexico-they can break the laws or our country with impunity while the taxpayers have to take care of them and obama gives them sanctuary cities where the law can’t or won’t arrest or stop them no matter what they do, this is a master plan by obama to have americans outnumbered and out voted, the point is we are going to lose our country to illegal immigrants not only from mexico bot all over the world–they are coming by the thousands everyday, america will be lost and become a third world nation or a communist type nation and this is the democrat socialist party in the united states that is letting and encourageing this to happen under the guise of poverty and political oppression, the democrats want to do away with the constitution and the freedom that america was and is founded on. we have to vote in Donald Trump to stop this take over of the world’s greatest democracy and freedom in the world, no other country on the planet earth has ever been this free and has the opportunity for success, wealth,happiness, access to the best medical service in world and the military to protect us from all the enemies that we have had to deal with through the years, its Obama’s mission to ruin america and some of the reasons are, past slavery which has been corrected,tries to say that america with our military bully and push other nations to our will and he will never say that we were protecting america from or enemies foreign and domestic, its a mess with a 20 trillion dollar national debt and is getting higher all the time, another part of Obama’s plan to bring down the greatest and most benevolent nation on earth, we are the only nation that always goes to other countries during natural disasters or invasion by aggressive nations etc.Obama lied to the american people on a free and transparent government if he were elected while all the while he was planning america’s demise as a super power and a free nation under god. he should be taken for treason, impeached and jailed along with the Clintons. we have to vote donald trump in as president and Donald Trump scares the hell out of the leftist liberals like Obama and Hillary and a whole lot of other socialist and they are trying and doing everything that they can do to stop him from being elected including countries that don,t like america like mexico etc. where our socialist government under the democrats and Obama using Nafta etc. has been bleeding America from our industries and ruining our laws, police forces from the top to the bottom,causing riots from racial issues to police trying to keeping the law by tying their hands behind their backs to stop them doing it like they do our military fighting ISIS with rules of engagement that are designed for our military to lose to the terrorist. Only a blind man could not see what is happening in America and to America, Donald Trump is our last chance to be great again and the left and the terrorist and others like George Soros are in on this conspiracy to ruin america too. there is a lot more people and organizations etc involved in this but it would take too much time and space here to put it all down but here is a microcosm of the way i see it and so do millions of other Americans, I sure hope we can save our country this election by voting Donald Trump into the white house as our president as he can do the job and get america back where it is the country it can be and should be.

  • Matt Ledbetter says:

    Most immigrants today, especially the illegal type, don’t understand or care what our country is all about. They only come here for opportunity their countries don’t afford.

  • William Miller says:

    I am in TOTAL agreement with Donald Trump and his plans to stop illegal immigration. Why should those of us born, raised, and work our whole life do without to provide a free ride to those who don’t even belong here?

  • David says:

    Too many illegals.They have invaded my neighborhood.Walk the alleys looking for things to steal.The anchor children walk around spray painting everywhere.A lot of marijuana everywhere.

  • Mark Richards says:

    Because you are absolutely right! Besides, traditionally, the invasion of a country has been construed as an act of war. Perhaps we should start treating this as an act of aggression.

  • pat says:

    The article was well written, nothing left to add except to stop giving them all free access to everything, schools, health, housing, phones, cars, etc. They will leave on their own. We will never have an honest election until this implemented. No secure boarders, no United States of America.

  • John Wirts says:

    America was great because of legal immigration. Immigrants had to have documentation, skills to earn their living, be healthy, and support themselves. Failure to be healthy, or to be able to support one’s self and family, was a one way tickeet to deportation! ALL ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS should be aopprehended detained tried and deported to their home countries. Anchor baby citizensdhip revolked , babies and parents deported.All aid to those countries should be impounded to repay any welfare, section 8 housing, schooling, and medical care incurred.

  • Don says:

    Mexican criminals see us a a big play ground for illegal activities.
    Mexican underclass see us as a place to get unlimited welfare, benefits, luxuries etc from our give -it -all -away government of left wing radicals. And of course after all the illegals get the right to vote they will turn this country into a waste land of entitlement for the parasites.

  • Daryl Custer says:

    I agree that anyone should be allowed to come here legally, if you look at our history almost al of us come from far off places. However, the people that are coming here now are not assemelating into our culture they come here for a free ride, like the idiot that not only got one to UT , but tweeted and I hope to God that she lost it, because she does not deserve our respect, safe harbor or gratis in any way. The people that come here lillegally should be processsed and thrown in jail, then deported. All they do is flaunt how they take from our country, and how stupid we are for allowing it to happen….guess what takers, your time will be up and If I can help we will send you back to your cesspool so you can bottom feed off them if they have anything left. Listen closely, It is a crime to be undocumented in this country and yours, so keep tweeting an we will find you, and god willing send you back where you came from.

  • Scott Manning says:

    I don’t have a problem with those that come here the right way. But even then I think that immigration should be slowed down.
    People that come here the right way, learn our language and try to work and help the USA.
    A lot of the ones that come here the wrong way, want to take all they can by any means, and one day move back to their old country.
    I’m not saying that they all are that way, but I have met a lot that think this way.
    When we had legal immigration, people would become an American. When we have this, everyone learns new ways from the new people, making America Great!

  • Hector mata says:

    My wife has had a green card now for over 16 years now. She missed her in country about seven years into her probationary period because her father became ill and she had to attend to his rehab in the fathers country and she missed the cut off time to be in country, so she’s had to start all over again. She is a responsible person, married to me, a U.S. citizen and Vietnam Latino vet, but that doesn’t count toward her citizenship as far as the bureaucratic unsympathetic INS.

  • Sharon says:

    We treat Mexican illegals like royalty, when compared to the life they lived in Mexico. We punish our citizens for objecting to this altering of society to cater to these illegals!

  • Forrest London says:

    legal immigration only

  • carmen rogers says:

    i believe that all illegal aliens should be made to leave the united states of america. they want us to be the divided states. they aren’t here to make the usa better. they are here for a free ride and to destroy our nation.

  • Larry L. Simmons Sr. says:


  • Larry L. Simmons Sr. says:


  • Neil Glenn says:

    I FIRMLY believe our present governmental ‘leaders’ (term used advisedly!) are dead set upon importing ever more illegal aliens from south of our border in order to ensure a majority of Democrats to continue their majority to ensure the DESTRUCTION of America! This is evidenced by the DELIBERATELY contravening existing laws and refusing to deport them, reported by SEVERAL sources, including border patrol agents THEMSELVES! They propose ‘amnesty’, saying this will be the “last” one authorized! This, DESPITE this very same statement has been made SEVERAL times in the past, with “the FINAL ‘LAST’ amnesty! Yet, EACH time this has been done, ever MORE illegals cross the border, awaiting “their turn”! We are presently INUNDATED with over 10 MILLION (sources indicate this may be only a FRACTION of those already here!) illegals, taking needed jobs, and NOT only the jobs “nobody else will do”! Only about 10% of the illegals do this, with MOST taking much more skilled jobs! And on top of this, their families, who came here either with them, or later, are DEVOURING tax dollars with welfare, education, legal and other ‘free’ services which we provide!

  • William says:

    They need to stay at home— & mind their own Most—country—-it has lots of room for improvement! teir own nationhmost of their own country is in poverty!

  • Robert Sears says:

    This outrageous invasion of our country by infiltration has been going on for decades. The Caucasian populace is dwindling and the Mexican/Latino population increasing so that those caucasions whose ancestors settled the country will soon be out-numbered and out-voted. The acceptance of illegal immigrants has profoundly changed this nation and will continue in future. The recapture of AZATLAN is becoming a reality.

  • Name says:

    In 2002 I was told by a Mexican Barber in Sacramento that the Mexican people were going to retake California by infiltration . Since we had taken it from them they was going to take it back. 209 245 3294.

  • WhiskeyMan says:

    Why are ‘We the people’ allowing SOCIALISTS from MEXICO to enter our Nation?
    (… kind of like the Moslems that Oblamo is using taxpayer $’s to ‘import’ to the USA!)
    Does anyone with 1/2 a mind, or who is actually funding this INVASION, think that any of
    these despots will ever assimilate to the values so many gave their all for the benefit of America?

  • Cal says:

    They have broken the law, and are looking for the USA to support them (our taxpayers).

  • Kevin says:

    Will if they came. In the right way all good the ones seeking in under the law need to be drag down and back home and make where they shoot to kill all that will stop

  • Robert Denham says:

    It is way to long that both Democrats Republics have sat on their asses & have done nothing while illegal immigrants have poured across our borders & cost we the taxpayers Billions of dollars . This must stop now :O(

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