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US Military Reduction In Iraq By 2,500



Trump Iraq US Military Reduction

President Donald Trump announced another reduction of the American military in Iraq to 2,500 by January 15, 2021.


Iraq is a key country in the Middle East for the situation that affects the entire region. The community is trying to predict the military-political consequences of this decision.  

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Analysts draw attention to the fact that reducing the number of US troops to a minimum will make it difficult for the military to carry out the tasks facing them in Iraq. The undermining of fragile security in the country also affects the situation in the region. 

Iraq view

So, shortly after the announcement of the withdrawal of American troops was made, the “green zone” of Baghdad came under rocket fire. The “Green Zone” is a fortified area of the Iraqi capital, in which foreign embassies are located, incl. USA.

Shiite militias, the so-called Shia militias are believed to be behind the attacks. The Iraqi People's Mobilization Force (NSM), supported by Tehran. With a reduction in the US presence, a surge in the activity of such groups is possible. The number of military operations they conduct will increase.

Although the international coalition against ISIS announced the defeat of the organization. The militants have regrouped and pose a serious threat. The group was able to use the latest events in Iraq as significant operational opportunities.

In general, reducing American troops  will speed up the growth of Iran's influence in the region and serve to further revive ISIS. The presence of militants from various countries in the group will lead to the rise of international terrorism.

Iran Military

The combination of the Iraqi government's decline in power and the vacuum created by the US decision endangers Iraq. Iran and ISIS will become the direct beneficiaries of a US military cutback in the region.


Should the US remove all troops from Iraq? Let us know in the comments below.

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