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Vegans Sues Burger King for Impossible Burger Contamination



Burger | Vegans Sues Burger King for Impossible Burger Contamination | Featured

The vegan community want it their way by suing Burger King for their lack of vegan practices. The Impossible Burger, a vegan alternative based on their popular Whooper Burger, sent outraged complaints for contamination.

According to TMZ, plaintiff Philip Williams filed a class-action lawsuit, claiming Burger King advertising a vegan menu option, yet they’re being cooked on the same grill. Williams includes that his burger was contaminated by meat byproducts.

The lawsuit aims to order Burger King to modify these practices of cooking Impossible Burgers with other meat burgers on the same grill.

The Impossible Burger 2.0 rolled out after CES this past year offering a gluten-free and non-animal recipe. The Impossible patty is made from plants including soy protein, potato protein, coconut oil, and heme.

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  • masterredfox says:

    Vegans should have thought of this before trying to push these “Vegan” processed products on the entire population. All they are doing here is creating a problem that doesn’t need addressing. All that has to happen is to make these “burgers” on request which means they will have to wait for the section of the grill to be cleaned before cooking their “burger”. No company is going to get a separate grill for costs to control alone. The only thing they can offer is making these items individually. like cutting kosher deli meat is done on a clean slicer in a deli.
    This just made these Impossible Burgers less enticing to be tried, even if I wanted to eat something that was heavily processed like these plant-based “burgers”. Do these Vegans expect every foodservice market that offers vegan meals to have completely separate cooking areas for something that is not a top-seller on the market for free? Perhaps if a higher cost passed on to the vegan consumer who expects total vegan cooking prep then this could be doable.

    • Karen Snyder says:

      I am allergic to soy, so therefore I do not look forward to Burger King and others offering these plant based vegan burgers. I have to ask for Frisch’s and other restaurants to please clean a spot on their grill for my meat: turkey, chicken, or beef. I’m now allergic to pork as well. I can & do react violently to soy, three plus trips to the restroom, if I make it that first time -on time!

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